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Date Tue, October 13 2015

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Impress Nails

Date Sat, October 10 2015

It’s been something like 10 years since I’ve worn press-on nails. My natural nails have been pretty good at growth lately, and I frequently polish them. I’ve been experiencing some breakage lately, so the chance to try Impress press-on nails was pretty timely, especially considering an upcoming wedding reception.

Impress Press-On Manicures

Impress Press-On Manicures

I received two sets in the mail. Symphony, which is a set of pink nails with sparkly gold accents, and Casting Call, a dark reddish-purple-chocolate with two individual charms to apply as accent nails. I applied Casting Call first because I really liked the color.

It was amazed at how quick it was. I haven’t had a manicure that quick in, perhaps, ever! Simply wipe your nails with the included alcohol wipe (I imagine nail polish remover would also do), find the right size nails, peel of the sticky back, and stick them to your nails!

They’re so sticky, in fact, that you’ll want to make sure you line them up before touching them to your nail. I had a few nails a bit crooked, so I filed them to fix them. Overall, however, it was quick and easy. There’s no drying time. Once they’re on, I didn’t even feel them unless they were pushed upward, toward my cuticles.

Impress nails also make it easy to add a big of art to your nails. I generally stick to all-over color because I don’t have a steady hand. My press-on nails came with the base nails in their gorgeous purply hue (it was more chocolate in low light and more red in brighter light), but also with two little gems to stick on accent nails. I decided to wear a gem on each of my ring fingers.

Application was pretty simple. You stick a piece of adhesive to the nail, then remove the backing with a pair of tweezers. Press the crown-shaped gem into place, and you’re good to go. I was surprised as just how 3D the gems are. They really stick up. Within a few hours, both have gotten snagged on something and fallen off. You can certainly reuse them, and there are 6 adhesive dots that come with the manicure, but I would have preferred if they could stay on longer because they were cute. Fortunately, I was able to keep the gems, so I can try to reuse them.

The nails themselves have fared better. It’s been five days since my initial application of the press-on nails. Only four of the original nails are still in place; although, they’re pretty securely in place. These have stayed in place through daily showers, cleaning and doing dishes, typing and otherwise living my life.

Last night, a few were loosening, so I took them off. Although you can use nail polish remover around the edges, I just pulled them off. They came off cleanly and without any damage to the nail.

I have one fake nail still in place that was a replacement. Over the past five days, I’ve replaced several of the nails. My first nail had come off within 24 hours, and one nail I replaced and had to replace again in the same day! And while the nails are waterproof, they seem to come off most commonly after I get out of the shower. One snagged on my towel and pulled right off!

However, I lost a couple without realizing it because you don’t feel them when they’re on. I would look down, and there would be no nail on my finger! I replaced one or two nails for about 4 days, until I ran out of replacement sizes that fit. My fingers aren’t necessarily slim, and there were a number of thinner nails that I just had no use for. I often picked wider one because of how much my natural nails curved, and I found myself sometimes picking a too-wide nail. However, there were nails the right size for all of mine.

My middle and ring fingers seem especially tricky, perhaps because they’re more round than my other fingers. It seems like the nails pull most on my ring fingers, so perhaps I should have filed those a bit shorter. One of the big complaints about these nails is that they are a little long. While I was able to do everything I needed to do, they could have been a little longer.

Impress Manicure

Impress Manicure

The press-on nails seemed a little bulky to me for a couple reasons. They’re certainly longer than my natural nails at this point. They’re also thicker. Because they sit on top of my natural nails, this makes them seem a big larger. They also seem to become wider toward the straight edges. I tend to round my natural nails off, so this makes a difference. It was especially noticeable on my pinkies, so I trimmed some of the nail from the sides at the ends.

I’m not sure I would want these to last a full week. Over the days, the natural finish became dull. Edges became a little rough, and the flexible material, which is good for getting the right fit, became dented. This isn’t unlike what happens to a regular polish manicure, and it’s probably not even as noticeable, but I did notice.

My right thumb in particular seemed to get snagged. Somehow, a chunk was taken out of the side, which caused it to catch on lace and delicate fabrics. I filed it down so it’s manageable, but these nails don’t file as well as natural nails. They’re a bit harder to clip, too. I would have liked them to file just a bit more easily so you could shape them the way you like. These shapes just aren’t going to work well for everyone.

After my initial experience, I’m still excited to try the other color nails. Although, the pink and gold motif of “Symphony” is less my style. I plan to wear it for a wedding reception, and I will likely take off my nails after the event to prevent them from falling off.

I think the Impress manicures are best for limited times. A week is a stretch. A single event or weekend, however, would be great.

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My 5 Best Twitter Party Tips

Date Wed, October 7 2015

Isn’t it crazy that I’ve only participated in three Twitter parties? My first Twitter party was so long ago that I’m not even sure when it was or what it was for. More recently, I attended two for #BlogPawsChat — and I was even reminded how much fun they are. I haven’t been able to participate in more parties since then, but I am definitely hoping to!

If you’re not familiar with Twitter parties, then you need to know they’re scheduled events where multiple participants and a host follow a single hashtag. Everyone meets up to follow a conversation about a specific topic. Twitter parties are a great way to win prizes, learn about products and services and make new friends. Twitter parties go fast! They’re over before you know it, which is part of the appeal. Once you try one, you might find yourself wanting to do them all — and you could! There’s likely a Twitter party going on every day of the way.

But these social media events move quickly and can involve thousands of posts from hundreds of Twitter users. It can be overwhelming. Fortunately, I’ve got some tips to make it easy on you

1. Read The Rules

Although there aren’t a lot of rules to Twitter parties, you should check beforehand. Do you need to RVSP? Are prizes only open to specific countries? Can you get a prize for referring participants? Does the party take place in a different time zone? Knowing rules only helps you out!

#BlogPawsChat Twitter Party

#BlogPawsChat Twitter Party

2. Follow the Host

Most Twitter parties have one or more hosts who leads the conversation, asks questions and whom you’ll talk to to get prizes and such. So you want to make sure you actually follow the account because you may need to send DMs back and forth to quality. Then, always keep them open in a tab and look for questions and conversations from the host first.

Bonus: The host will typically share content from the Twitter party, which can also get you highlighted.

3. Know the Hashtags

If you try to follow the Twitter party through the hashtag alone, you’re going to get lost in the thick of things, trust me. These things move at light speed, and you want to know what your host is saying. But following the hashtag allows you to see what others are saying and perhaps make some new friends. Plus, you’ll want to add that hashtag to the end of all your posts.

I’ve yet to find a great way to auto-append hashtags to Twitter party messages, but I’m sure it’s out there. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got something that will do the trick! Aside from that, make sure you’ve got spelling down. Capitalization doesn’t really matter with hashtags on Twitter, but it can help things look neater.

4. Watch Your Notifications

You’ll get a lot of new followers, favorites, replies and RTs during Twitter parties if you’re active. Don’t be surprise that your Twitter notifications blow up, then. I like to keep these open as a separate tab so I can follow back or reply right away.

5. Use Technology to Help

I don’t find mobile devices great for using Twitter parties. They aren’t as responsive as my laptop, and it’s hard to keep up with the host, the party hashtag and mentions. The easiest way to keep up is to open at least three tabs in Twitter an to update them. Twitter will let you know whenever there are new tweets in any tab. However, you’ll have to manually update those tabs, which takes time.

A tool that automatically updates these tweets is even better, and you don’t have to install anything on your computer if you use Tweetdeck.  Simply log in to with your Twitter account to get starter. By default, you’ll see replies and direct messages as columns in Tweetdeck. You can add a column for the host by clicking the “+” and selecting “User.” Type their name into the box to add the column.

I also suggest following the hashtag in its own column. Click the + again. Select “Search.” Type your hashtag, including the “#” sign into the search for. For example, if I want to follow Twitter party #RBCTwitter, I would type exactly the hashtag. Any column can be deleted after the Twitter party has finished.

Seeing how fast these columns can move in Tweetdeck can be overwhelming at first, but it’s much easier to view more content via this method. You can also use programs like Hoostsuite, but I find Tweetdeck to be the easiest for my needs.


It really didn’t take me long at all to get the hang of Twitter parties. In fact, I participated in two at once for a short time! Now, I always keep an eye out for Twitter parties I might be interested in.

There are a number of ways to find them. Many companies enlist popular bloggers to host, and bloggers are often participants. I like to post about Twitter parties that my readers might like on Twitter and Facebook. Your other favorite bloggers will let you know what they’ll be doing, too.

There are a couple more places to find Twitter parties, too:

Perhaps I’ll see you around at the next Twitter party!

Win a Keurig 2.0

Date Tue, October 6 2015

If you’re addicted to coffee, like so many of us are, you’ve got to to check out the giveaway below.

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Take an Extra 25% off Grave Busters from Buy Costumes

Date Sat, October 3 2015

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

I know it’s not even October yet, but when your favorite holiday is Halloween, like it is in my household, you start preparing months in advance. From the decorations you’re going to put up and the type of candy you’re going to give out, to where to take the kids trick or treating, the parties you’re going to attend, and the costumes you’re going to wear, it all requires careful planning — especially if you’re like me and you don’t want to break the bank making it all come together!

This is why I shrieked with excitement when I learned that BuyCostumes is taking an additional 25% off over 400 Grave Buster costumes and accessories. All of these items are already on sale, so this means a ton of extra savings — like up to 60% off! I may have to tell the kids they have to start sharing a room just so I can dedicate the space to all the cool costumes, decorations, wigs, masks, and other accessories I’m going to stock up on!

This unbelievable sale starts today, September 29th and runs through Sunday, October 4th. To get your extra 25% off, be sure to use the code AFCBUSTER at checkout!

See some of the awesome costumes you can get at great prices below:

Take advantage of this spook-tacular sale today because these offers will not be on BuyCostumes' site for long!

12 Dress for $12.50 from AmiClubWear – Today Only!

Date Fri, October 2 2015

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will receive a commission. Thank you for the support!

I just thought I would let you guys know about the amazing 50% off coupon AmiClubWear has going on right now. I was browsing new stuff — there’s a ton, including some Halloween costumes! — and kept seeing all these dress deals for $12.50. What a steal, right?

I picked a dozen of my favs to show you. Many of them are plus sized, but not all! They’re all on sale for today with code Flash50, however.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page, too, where I’ll be linking a few other things for sale on AmiClubWear!


Oz Natural Tinted Sunscreen

Date Wed, September 30 2015

It’s raining right now. That’s not surprising considering how humid and grey the morning was.

In fact, the weather’s been mild and cloudy for a couple of weeks. That’s actually how much time I’ve had Oz Natural Tinted Sunscreen to review. The very day I got it seemed to be the last day of summer here in Central Wisconsin. And while it’s not exactly cold — summer came later this year — it’s not been blindingly bright.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays even when the sun’s not shining bright. There’s a reason why winter athletes get sunburned, after all. But it hasn’t exactly been the ideal weather for me to test it out.

Nevertheless, I can tell you about this product, which is designed to do more than just protect from the sun. It’s a lot like a BB cream in that way. In fact, the product description says you can wear it as a sunscreen on your face (under makeup) or body or as foundation. So let’s see if this claims hold true, shall we?

Oz Natural Tinted Sunscreen comes in a standard tube like sunscreen, but it’s much smaller at 60ml. The tuble clearly states it used zinc dioxide as the active ingredient to protect against the sun. No problems there!

I was curious about the ingredients list, which is quite long and contains things such as several types of silicones. It’s not exactly what I would consider “natural” and it’s not certified natural or organic. However, there are no parabens in this product.

When I popped up the cap, I noticed how dark the product seemed. I’m very fair skinned, so I was worried this product would be too dark for me.

The texture is more like sunscreen that BB cream of foundation, which means it leaves you looking oily’ although, it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Because of this, I’m not sure I’d wear it as foundation alone. I would definitely want to add powder to reduce the shine at the very least. I’m not a big fan of suncreen on my face to begin with, which is one of the reasons I prefer BB cream to suncreen or even moisturizes containing SPF.

I’d be okay using this as a moisturizer because my skin isn’t necessarily dry or flakey, but you’d have to experiment to see if it works well for your skin.

As a body product, the tinted moisturizer isn’t quite like using a fake tan. You’d need to use a whole lot to cover your entire (exposed) body, and the tin really isn’t noticeable on my skin. Although it’s so dark in the tube, it really disappears on my skin, especially after rubbing it in, which is important to get all the benefits of SPF.

This isn’t to say there’s no tinting, but it’s really only a shade or so darker, and I’m not sure how much darker it would look on the skin who isn’t as pale as I am. You can see the difference in my Before & After photos. My skin tone looks much warmer for sure.

With that said, you’re not going to have the cliche “sunscreen nose” when using Oz Naturals Tinted Sunscreens, and any color is probably better than none if you’re going to use sunscreen anyway.

At around $22 on Amazon, it’s unlikely I’ll replace this product once it runs out.

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