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Date Fri, November 30 2012


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Win a Beats by Dre Pill Speaker

Date Wed, September 17 2014

Click the image below to go to Sweepstakes Advantage to enter their monthly sweeps. This month, it’s for an adorable pill speaker from Beats by Dre.

This wireless speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Despite the small size and light weight, it provides deep bass and rich sound.

It’s perfect for parties, picnics and more. And it can be yours!



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Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector

Date Tue, September 16 2014
Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector

Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector

A while back I was informed by Influenster that I would be receiving a box to review. This box contains Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector by Aveeno. As someone who has struggled with red and blotchy skin for all of her adult life and probably well before that, I never feel quite comfortable in my skin.

This isn’t to say that I hate the skin I am, but I need at least something on my skin before I go out if I want to feel really confident. On light days, this means BB cream. On other days, we’re talking about full foundation and powder.

My cheeks are rather rosy, and there are some particular spots that have a pretty defined contour. Or there were before I started using this product. After reading some reviews about how this helped to even tone after just a few days.

According to the directions, you’re supposed to use it twice daily. While I have a morning routine, I’m not nearly as strict about night, so I use this about once a day. With that said, I thought I noticed a difference in about a week, but it took a little longer than that for me to notice a serious difference.

Aside from general smoothness in tone and softness of skin, this product helped to smooth the contours of some of the most defined red spots. There was one in particular on my right cheek that’s no longer any darker or redder than the rest. As a whole, blotchiness is reduced and there’s a more gradual change between the redder spots and the rest of my skin.

I’m sure that results would be greater if I use this product twice daily like you’re supposed to. I also stopped after about two weeks to try to Valentia serum, which didn’t work as well. However, my skin didn’t seem to return to its ruddy previous condition, so I hope that the results last even when I don’t use the product. With the tiny tube costing just under $15 from Amazon, I’m not sure how often I want to replace it.

This product is a thin cream that dries quickly, which is good because you’re supposed to use it in addition to moisturizer and other products. Fortunately, it hasn’t caused me to break out, which I always worry about when it comes to adding products into my routine.

The active ingredient is soy while Vitamin A also plays a role. Other ingredients include water, a variety of silicones and Glycerin, which some people experience reactions to. Stay away from this product if you know Glycerin isn’t your friend.

Otherwise, give it a try if you want more even and soft skin.



Got it from Influenster

ToiletTree Body Brush Storage/Travel Case

Date Mon, September 15 2014

I think a sign of a good relationship is when you can see someone day in and day out without growing bored. Even better, maybe you love them more than you did before. My relationship with the ToiletTree  body brush is like that. Sure, it’s more function than romance, but I can’t complain.

It’s still working quite well, but the one thing I mused about was how it’s not travel-friendly. There’s no lock button. The softest brush easily gets crushed. So on and so forth.

I didn’t actually say anything about it, but the folks at ToiletTree  took it on themselves to solve my problem anyway. Awesome!

They also sent me the solution to review — a travel and storage case for the brush that comes with an extra set of brushes.

And it’s awesome.

For under $18 — and with free shipping of you subscribe to Amazon Prime — you get an entirely new set of brush heads, which is great if yours have gotten a little grimy or, like me, smushed. That soft face brush really doesn’t keep shape well. Oops!


Storage and Travel Case

Storage and Travel Case

The plastic case fits all the brush heads in addition to the brush itself. Each brush has its own space and clicks into place the same way it fits onto the hed.

There’s even a slot for the loop on the handle to hang out of the travel case, so you can hold it that way. If you’re wondering whether the case will simply open, it won’t. It clicks shut — in fact, I need two hands to open it. A quick yoyo test proved effective at using the brush’s loop as a handle for the whole case.

Admittedly, the storage case for the spin brush it a little bulky, but I don’t mind. It more than makes up for that in terms of convenience. I’ve gone out of town a time or two since I got my spin brush but didn’t take it because this product wasn’t yet invented.

It is not, however. Woohoo!

If I could change anything, I wonder consider a separate slot to store batteries or maybe even something to open the battery compartment. That would be super cool, but it would also be above and beyond.

If you love your ToiletTree body brush and want to take it everywhere with you, you can’t go wrong with this travel case.

Win Tickets to One Direction Miami Concert

Date Sat, September 13 2014

Love One Direction? Was the Makeup by One Direction giveaway awesome, but you’re still wanting more? How about tickets to see the band live on October 5th in Miami? What if that included airfare and hotel accommodations so you can see the boys no matter where you live in the country?

Enter to win Airfare, Hotel Accommodations and 2 Tickets to the ONE DIRECTION “Where We Are” North American Tour Finale at Sun Life Stadium – Miami Gardens, FL on October 5th 2014 7:00pm. Transportation to and from the airport and concert included! Miami accommodations provided by Turnberry Isle- Miami hotel.

Winners will also receive 2 Autographed Make-up by ONE DIRECTION limited-edition collections of beauty essentials by Markwins, housed in a collectible keepsake tin and signed by all band members. Inside is everything you need to rock all your beauty looks on or off the stage. The 2 makeup tins will be randomly selected from the 3 available collections (Midnight Memories, Take Me Home, or Up all Night).

Simply use the giveaway form below to get in your entries. Good luck!

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CVS Razors Are the Same As

Date Fri, September 12 2014

On a recent trip to CVS, I stopped to look for razor blades. Sadly, my beloved Venus Divine seems to be discontinued, and I’m just not as big a fan of the Embrace blades. So, I was essentially comparing between the CVS house brand and Schick’s Hydro Silk. FYI, I opted to just buy a new handlewith the Hydro Silk — my third now — because it came with three replacement blades and was ultimately a better deal than buying just the blades.

CVS 5 Blade Women's Razor Cartridges

CVS 5 Blade Women’s Razor Cartridges

However, I looked at the CVS brand and was shocked to find that it looked similar — no, exactly like — the razors I reviews from 800Razors. I checked when I got home, and sure enough they’re identical.

For $8 at CVS, you’ll get one handle and one blade. For $9, you’ll get 4 replacement razor blades from the CVS brand.

You can purchase 12 blades and get a free handle from 800Razors for $25.95. It’s a bit better deal for the same product from 800Razors; although, CVS often has coupons — I often get one for $4 off razor blades — and you don’t have to wait for shipping.

Sometimes shopping smart isn’t as obvious as it seems at first glance!

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel

Date Thu, September 11 2014

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve used a shaving gel or cream that you can buy in the aisles of a drug store or big box store. Maybe this sounds strange to you if you typically use brands like Skintimate,  but the products that I’m known to use typically come from the sex toy shop. I like super-slick shaving creams that sometimes cost as much as replacement razor blades. They get a closer shave, moisturize well and stick to the skin well. Adult manufacturers create shaving products specifically for sensitive areas, too, which cuts down on razor burn and bumps and other irritation.

I know, I know. This isn’t sounding awesome for a product that you can get at your nearest Walmart SuperCenter, but let me assure you that the review does pick up.

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel

Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel

I received a full bottle of Skintimate’s newest scent — Mandarin Burst — to review. In fact, I received the bonus size that’s a little bigger, so woot for that! The bottle combines mandarin, lime and lemon scents, and it’s definitely citrus-y. It goes well with the body wash I’ve been using, a mango combination I believe. While the scent is strong during use, it fades when you’re out of the shower.

The shaving gel comes out as a thick dollop of gel but turns into white foam as you spread it on your skin. The foam is much thinner than shaving gels that stay gel, and it rinses away quickly. I had forgotten how quickly and definitely had to change my shower routine to make sure my legs stayed out of the water.

I’ve used this shaving cream with multiple razors, and while it definitely didn’t seem to be as slick during use, the shave with the best razor seemed equivalent to my recent shaves. Afterward, my legs were soft, but they were also a little itchy. It’s generally something that I can deal with after applying lotion, however.

I did find myself shaving again more frequently, so I’m thinking that I didn’t quite as close a shave as I am used to getting. It feels fine for the first day or so, but I can’t go as long between shaves.

For under $3 per bottle, however, it might very well be worth it. And it’s certainly easier to find a can of Skintimate than it is to find those specialty shaving gels that I tend to use. Skintimate’s new Mandarin Burst might be the best balance between cost and a good shave.

Save Money On Back to School? MAKE Money with Back to School

Date Wed, September 10 2014

If you’re like most people, you might be feelin’ a little hurt in your wallet after back to school shopping. Fortunately, I am out of school and have no children but I can tell you that my mother has spent a lot of time shopping for my sister.. who is now in middle school — oh em gee!. And my sister doesn’t even need school books.

Textbooks for college students can cost an arm and a leg on top of clothes, electronics, rent and whatever else they may need.

But I have good news — two good news(es)? — for you college students out there who might still be scrambling to get your paws on textbooks.

1. You Can Rent Textbooks

I did it when I was still taking  classes. You rent them for a semester for a price much lower than buying new textbooks. Companies like will ship books straight to your door for a fraction of the price of your campus store. When you’re done with them, ship them right back — shipping’s free both ways. Convenient, right?

2. You Can Make Money with Your Old Books

If you still have a few books lying around, you can rent them out to other students so you’ll actually make money from textbooks. RentBack.c is a new site that allows you to do this with minimal effort from yourself. You may even recoup the money you spent in the first place. You can certainly make more money with RentBack than you would by simply selling your books back to the store.

Check out this video below to learn more:

Not everyone needs textbooks, though. What are the ways you save money when it’s time for back to school shopping?

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