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Date Fri, November 30 2012


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Cuisinart 10-Piece MultiClad Pro Cookware Giveaway

Date Fri, January 23 2015

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Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil Bedding

Date Wed, January 21 2015

Although I am a cat person and have always considered my family to be rather fond of the felines, but younger sister has three hamsters that she loves. Carmal, Amy and Black Bear will be quickly introduced to you when you enter her house.. even if you’re ridiculously tired and imagine they’re floating midair next to your shoulder! LOL

So I immediately thought of her when I was given the opportunity to review a new Carefresh animal bedding product. But I didn’t know much about it, so I got the rundown from my sister.

She typically uses a wood shaving for her hamsters but not aspen because they’re allergic. Got it.

Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil White Bedding

Carefresh Custom Hamster & Gerbil White Bedding

Carefresh’s option doesn’t use aspen — phew. But it’s also not made from shavings. Like the new formulas in okocat litter, it’s a paper-based product. My sister described it as similar to cardboard. It’s softer than wood shavings certainly, which is good for burrowing type pets.

Carefresh wants to make a product that’s as good as or event better than shavings. According to the package, the hamster and gerbil bedding will:

  • prevent odor for 10 days
  • absorb 3x more than shavings
  • be dust free
  • and work better with smaller feet

So how did it do? My sister wasn’t quite sold on this product. She said that the paper-based bedding clumped more when her hamster would urinate. However, the clumping seems to be a perk to me because it means for easier cleanup, and I’m always fond of dust-free products!

And while it might be be unrelated, her hamster had some health issues that led to shedding while using this bedding. She is an older hamster and that’s one sign of decreased health that may not be related to this bedding, but my sister is going to stick to traditional bedding, which she knows will work well.

However, Carefresh does offer shaving-based bedding as well as a ton of other options for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits ferrets and other animals. You can find them at Petsmart, Petco and other pet stores in addition to online. It’s definitely a brand I would check out if there’s a small animal in your home and heart!

CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Date Mon, January 19 2015

I’ve had my eye on a nail corrector pen for some time. Up until this point, I have used Q-tips. And I do like the ones with the pointed ends for cleaning up after a manicure or fixing little mistakes. But they tend to lose their shape pretty well.

On a recent trip to CVS, I was eyeing up a nail corrector pen by Sally Hansen, but CVS offered theirs much cheaper. And the CVS pen comes with 4 tips, which was more than came with the other brand. For $4, I thought I could do worse.

CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

The nail polish “pen” is thick like a marker, and holds nail polish remover. As far as I can tell, none of these corrector pens allow you to refill them, which means you need to buy an entirely new one when they’re empty. It’s a little wasteful in my opinion, but I’m always tossing out Q-tips, so who am I to judge..

A convenient package to keep manicures pretty!

A convenient package to keep manicures pretty!

I really liked how the opposite end — eraser end if we’re comparing it to a pencil — holds the addiction tips in a clear cap. Sally Hansen’s polish remover pen lacked this feature. It’s super convenient. To use the pen, you simply insert a tip and press down a bit until the nail polish remover starts soaking through it.

With fresh tips, this worked best. After a while, the tips seemed to have a harder time absorbing the polish remover. Thus, they weren’t quite as good at cleaning up the polish. I found that this worked best on already dried polish, which is frustrating if you’re trying to clean up as you go. With damp or fresh nail polish, the pen just sort of smeared it around. This makes sense, however. It’s what nail polish remover does normally with wet polish.

My favorite feature of this polish remover pen would be the shape of the tips. There’s on flat side and the other comes to a rounded, conical point. It makes it quite easy to clean up around and under your nails without touching your manicure at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the fuzzies from a Q-tip or cotton ball.

The pointed tip of the nail corrector pen is more resilient than those pointed Q-tips, but eventually loses its shape and becomes less functional. I haven’t been able to use a tip for more than two manicures. I guess I expected that I’d get more from that.  What I found is that you can cut off the tip — I used a blade — to get more use out of it. But make sure you leave enough to pull the tip out of the pen itself.

You can toss the tip and put in a fresh one when it’s time. CVS sells additional tips, I believe, so you can use every last bit of nail polish remover in the pen. although, I’m nowhere near that point, so I’m not sure how well it works when you start to run out. But you can use the tips in the pen and dip them in some regular polish remover, which I’ve found myself doing when the lips are less absorbent.

While the design of this pen works well, I would really love it that much better if I could refill it.

Holiday Votive Candle Holder Giveaway

Date Tue, January 13 2015

Love, Peace and Joy 5 Piece Glass Votive Set in Silver on Tray with LED Tea Lights Giveaway

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Set of 5, rich-looking Silver Glass Votives etched with “moving” words that celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season. As an added bonus, set includes a stylish hammered glass tray that will create the perfect ambiance in any room. Each votive includes a battery-operated LED Tea Light that flickers and glows just like a real candle, but without the hazards of an open flame or melting wax. LED Tea Lights are removable.

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How Far Will Cole Go?

Date Mon, January 12 2015

This week ends a several-week-long quest to get my hands on some body wash that I love that has been discontinued.

You see, years ago, I tried Cake’s Milk Made Body Wash. The milk-based wash goes on silky smooth and makes my skin feel the same. IT smells amazing. And I was disheartened to learn that it was discontinued.

I got it into my head that maybe I could find some tiny shop that still sold it online — and I actually found one! I excitedly ordered it, even though the cost of converting meant I would be spending far more than I would have when it was available. There were the last three bottles available — I was paying for the experience, damn it!

However, my hopes were dashed the next year when I got a message that my order had been canceled because they don’t ship to customers overseas, which includes me in the US of A.  I was thoroughly upset, and considering my next approach. I decided to put out a call to Facebook friends who might be in the UK, to see if anyone would be willing to have the item shipped to their address and then ship the item out to me.

I was lucky enough to find a friend who would do that, but I recognized that this would raise the cost significantly. To be honest, I was willing and expected to pay around $140 for three bottles of body wash but the overall total fell under $100, mostly because it has to be shipped the slowest method due to containing a liquid.

When I started writing this post, I had more things in mind. When I like something, I’ll go out of my way to get it. For example, my preferred razors have been discontinued, so I recently purchased some on eBay. However, that simply pales in comparison to the lengths I’ve gone to to get this body wash!

Of course, in the process, I contacted Cake to let them know how much I liked the product and would like to see it come back, but there’s just no plans for that. I’m always bewildered when I love something and frequently buy it to find it taken off the shelves. Indeed, many of the products I’ve grown loyal to seem to be hard to find, just flying off the shelves!

I know there’s more to it than that, of course. Perhaps products don’t do well in all markets or there’s issues with production that just prevent an item from being financially feasible for a company, but it sure is a bummer for consumers like me.

Anyway, I hope to soon be enjoying that body wash and then shaving my legs with my favorite razors! I’ll enjoy it while I can!


$150 Cash Giveaway

Date Sun, January 11 2015

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Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment

Date Fri, January 9 2015
Two steps to the single dose treatment

Two steps to the single dose treatment

Thanks to Smiley360, I’ve had this medicated product sitting around my house for a few months. I knew I would likely need it sometime during the winter because really bad colds, like the one I have now, tend to knock out my immune system, allowing me to get a cold sore. This morning, I woke up with not one but two fever blisters on my top lip, so I figured there was no better time to try out this product!

Orajel is a brand that I’m familiar with for oral health care. Specifically, they make a variety of products to take away the pain. As I was carefully looking at the Cold Sore Treatment package, I realized that this is only for treating the pain of cold sores. It doesn’t actually help to reduce the time of the cold sore like Abreva.

The packaging comes with 2 single doses. You could use them both on a particularly painful cold sore, but you’re not supposed to use more than three in 24 hours. The cold sore treatment comes in a little vial with a paper holder. You pinch in the right place to break it — kind of like the glow stick. Then, you press the cotton tip to get the liquid medication to soak into it. I pressed it into my hand, but you could press it directly into your lip.

I was able to fully coat a cold sore with this. In fact, I think you could use a single vial once or twice. Immediately, I could smell an alcohol-like scent. This is mainly a topical antisseptic and analgesic, and its main ingredients are benzocaine and benzalkonium chloride. The lip area around the cold sore was definitely number because of this for a few minutes.

..but that was it.

I mean, it hurts a little less after the fact, but..

I’m not sure this is good enough. You see, this product retails for around $20 (although, there’s a $1 off coupon you can get here) and temporary gets rid of pain but nothing else. For a little more, you can buy some Abbreva to help speed up healing time. For less than that, you could buy some regular Orajel or a similar numbing product and just apply it on your cold sore(s). CVS, for example, has cold sore treatments that use the same ingredients.

There’s a follow-up moisturizing treatment, but I’ve already been using lip balm. In fact, I found a tube of Blistex that makes my lips and cold sore feel much better overall than the Orajel cold sore treatment does. And if neither are going to speed up healing, I might as well go with what feels better.

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.