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Enter for a chance to win six Radiant Cream Color Kits from Madison Reed

Date Mon, June 27 2016

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Want to win a Radiant Color kit from Madison Reed? Keep reading!


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Giveaway runs from June 23, 2016 at 1:00PM PDT to June 29, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT. Three randomly selected winners will be announced on June 30, 2016.

No purchase necessary. U.S. entries only. Must be 18+ to enter. You do not need to be an existing Madison Reed customer. Go to to read “Official Promotions Rules.” This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram.


Some Helpful Ideas to Consider When Your Child Has a Wheat Allergy

Date Fri, June 24 2016

It is becoming more and more common to see children who are suffering from different types of food allergies. Some children are sensitive to certain foods and others have an allergy. Under each circumstance, parents need to take steps in order to protect their children’s health. Many children are allergic to wheat and need to go on a gluten-free diet. The following are some ideas that can help parents in this situation.

For some parents, it can be a little bit overwhelming thinking of gluten-free foods to prepare for their children, especially if they have always cooked a certain way. First of all, do not become overwhelmed. There are a lot of parents who are in your exact same circumstances and many of them have shared helpful advice to help people just like you. Get in contact with them by reading their blogs and informational websites. You can see lots of different child friendly recipes that do not include gluten.

The next thing you need to do is think out-of-the-box a little bit. Maybe you have been accustomed to cooking the exact same thing all of the time. You likely have go to snacks that your kids can eat after school or at other busy times during the day. Instead of always having cheese and crackers, why not try cheese and veggies? Do not simply assume that your child will not like a certain kind of food just because you are not used to it or do not like it. Encourage your kids to try new foods. In addition to helping them enjoy a wider variety of food, you are also providing more nutrition.

It is important to make sure that your children are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to. For the most part, they are likely getting this through a well-balanced diet. You may want to talk to your doctor about using Strengtia probiotics and other supplements in order to ensure good gut health in your children and make sure they have all that they need in order to grow into strong and healthy adults.

When your child has a wheat allergy, it can be a challenge for the whole family. However, it is a challenge that can be overcome with a little bit of creativity and an open mind. If you work to prepare meals and snacks in advance, you will not quickly fall back into your old routine.

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LAST CHANCE to get Julep’s FREE 8-Piece Patriotic Beauty Gift before the 4th

Date Thu, June 23 2016

8-Piece Star-Spangled Beauty Gift - FREE when you join Julep

Hurry! Only a few days left to sign up for Julep Beauty Box and get their Star Spangled 8-Piece Beauty Gift for FREE when you pay for your first month ($24.99). That’s a $122 off free red-white-and-blue beauty! Use the products in the gift to get the perfect look for the long 4th of July weekend.

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  • Four patriotic nail polishes
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8-Piece Star-Spangled Beauty Gift PDP

After you join Julep, you’ll get a box of gorgeous and good-for-you beauty, nail, or skincare products delivered to your door every month. Julep offers the only full-size and fully-customizable beauty box out there, so you get what you want every month!

Get your Star Spangled 8-Piece Beauty Gift today! Use promo code FIREWORKS to get your free gift when you pay for your first month of Julep ($24.99).

8-Piece Star-Spangled Beauty Gift 728x90


How to Use Dealspotr to Save Money and Earn Gift Cards

Date Wed, June 22 2016

Cole here (duh!), with another post about Dealspotr. I’ve really enjoyed my time as a member of this coupon and savings site. I’ve been able to earn gift cards, have qualified to win prizes and for the sake of transparency, this is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own, and I would recommend Dealspotr either way.

Today, I’m going to be explaining how to use Dealspotr in depth. If you’ve seen me talk about it but didn’t know where to start or signed up and felt confused, then this is the post for you!

To start, sign up. Click this link or the button below to get started. You can also enter code “REVIEWSBYCOLE” if you clicked a different link to Dealspotr.
Deals site

Enter your information and click to connect via Facebook. You’ll need to allow access to Dealspotr. This signs you up as my referral, which does earn me points if you’re active.

Sign up with Dealspotr

Sign up with Dealspotr

There may be a verification email to read and a link to click. It’s been months since I signed up. Just follow the instructions. Either way, you should end up at “My Feed,” which is actually a new feature of Dealspotr. Your feed shows you deals pertaining to the stores, interests and users you follow. You’ll want to populate that feed, so why don’t you start by following me?

When you’re looking for new deals/stores, there are a few more options, too!

  1. Follow interests, which are categories. You’ll see a few main categories on the top of every page, including electronics, fashion, home and beauty & wellness, among others. Check out all interests here. The main ones are highlighted on this page, but there’s a search bar that is separate from the main search bar to find other interests. Might I recommend you follow Freebies? It’s the interest that I curate! Woo!
  2. Use the search bar to easily find stores and products. Try “Best Buy” or “Apple Earpods.” You can also search common keywords such as “BOGO” or “Free shipping.”
  3. Click “Hot Deals” or “On Fire Deals” to see the deals most liked (Spotted) by other users. This gives you a great

At any time, you can click the Spot arrow to endorse a deal, but you only have so many Spots per day. As you get better at spotting popular deals, you’ll earn more Spots. I currently have 21 or 22. Beware that if you fail to Spot popular deals for a few days, you will lose spots. However, when you spot a Deal and it goes Hot or On Fire, you’ll get bonus points depending upon whether you were the first, second or third person to spot it.

If a deal doesn’t work, you can also report it.

Most things you do on Dealspotr gets you direct points. This includes commenting on deals, reporting deals that don’t work and posting new deals. Every 10,000 points earns you $10 in Amazon gift cards.

You’ll see notifications of your daily points in the top right corner, and when you click it, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, which has a breakdown of points similar to mine below.

Track your points with Dealspotr

Track your points with Dealspotr

From this screen, you can click “Points & Rewards” if you’ve got enough to trade in for a gift card. It’ll take a few days to a week to get your gift card. I recently ran into a situation where my previous gift card was still “Processing” but I had 10,000 points, so I had to wait until I got one to request the next.

Dealspotr has been awarding gift cards like this since April, I believe, and I’ve accrued $60 in gift cards since then. Sometimes it takes me 3 days, sometimes 2 weeks to earn 10,000 points. It all depends on my activity with a bit of luck thrown in (regarding your own deals going Hot or you voting for the right deals every day).

Dealspotr checklist

Earn 200 extra points by completing Dealspotr’s daily checklist

Every day, there’s a possibility to earn 200 extra points by completing a checklist, which you’ll also see on this page. These checklists consist of following users or stores, posting deals and rating stores. I try to do it every day, but I’m not especially good at posting multi-step deals or printable coupons, which are sometimes required to get the 200-point bonus. I would say I achieve this 3-4 times a week.

Because this checklist requires you to follow users or stores or rate stores, I don’t do any extra per day. For example, is I will only rate 5 stores when that’s an option on my checklist and save some for the next checklist that requires me to rate stores. I don’t rate or follow on dates when those actions aren’t part of my checklist. Otherwise, it can be hard to find new stores to rate or follow that fall within your interests.

I need to note that I may earn more points than you do because I am a Verified Influencer, formerly known as a Pro Blogger. I get an extra 100% in points for every Deal I post. However, your contributions also help get you bonus points. When I wrote my last post about Dealspotr, I had a 22% bonus based on my activity, but it’s since dropped to 16%. This is due to a number of things, including my busy schedule and not having time to even use up all of my Spots! Plus, there were a few days where I didn’t Spot any popular deals, so I lost spots and didn’t get those bonuses.

With that said, I’m still earning gift cards at an impressive rate.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can to be an influencer.

There are a few more things you can do on Dealspotr. I like to check out the leaderboards to see how I’m ranking, and there’s a blog, which has even more advice on saving money and using the site.

I log in to Dealspotr every day, and the site is open in my browser more often than not. If you sign up for Dealspotr, I bet you’ll find the same!

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14 Skirts for $14 (Or Less!) from DyStyles

Date Tue, June 21 2016

I’m just in one of those moods to window shop from the comfort of my own home (where I may not even be wearing pants! Ha!). It struck me that I haven’t visited any of the casual, cheap fashion sites lately. You know what I mean, sites like 599 Fashion, DH Styles, Casual Plus, so on and so forth.

So I hopped on and got distracted by DHStyles, which is having a flash sale this morning to boot! I was particularly drawn by some of the new skirts, none of which seemed to cost over $14. It’s doubly exciting because they’ve got options in straight and plus sizes. I just couldn’t pass up telling you guys about this sale!

Burgundy plus Size Sexy Fitted Wrap Front High Low Skirt

Burgundy plus Size Sexy Fitted Wrap Front High Low Skirt


These wrap skirts are all the rage right now, and I just lovelovelove the bold color of this burgundy skirt. It is super mini in front, though.


Now, you’ll need to bear with me on this one because the skirt looks a little less than stellar on the model, who I think lack the curves to properly rock it. However, if your have a curvy butt and hips, I think this style would look amazing!


These polka dots are totally retro, and the knee-length skirt is a little more modest if you’re not into minis.

Ivory Black plus Size Sexy Fitted Asymmetrical Wrapped Hem Contrast Trim Skirt

Ivory Black plus Size Sexy Fitted Asymmetrical Wrapped Hem Contrast Trim Skirt


DHStyles has had this skirt and the similar black-with-ivory detail skirt for a while. I love the wrapped style, the angled hem and the bold stripes.


Pin stripes on the sides of this skirt add a little visual detail, and it makes the model’s shape look stunning!


Welcome to 2015, argyle. The pattern on this skirt is simple yet effective. If you don’t love the wine, there’s a skirt in taupe, too


This pencil skirt seems like it has a velour type of texture. Is that coming back into style? I sure hope so!

Blue plus Size Sexy Fitted Wrap Front Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

Blue plus Size Sexy Fitted Wrap Front Asymmetrical Hem Skirt


Here’s another wrap skirt, this time in bright blue. The skirt seems a bit longer than the burgundy skirt I mentioned further up. It might be better for taller women or those like me who have a big butt that makes the skirt ride up.


Here’s another pencil skirt with side stripes. The chunky stripes are definitely modern with a bit of a mod fee. It only falls to the knee if the similar skirt further up is too long for your shape or preferences.

The second-to-last skirt on this list is the cheapest at just $12.40 for the duration of the flash sale! It’s a flowy number with belt that’s perfect for work. But do you know what else I love about it? It might be feminine, but it has pockets, too! Score!

Pink Black plus Size Sexy Fitted Tribal Pencil Party Skirt

Pink Black plus Size Sexy Fitted Tribal Pencil Party Skirt


Party in front, business in back? Maybe not, but the back panel will slim while the front panel attracts passing glances. I’m not normally into metallic prints, but this one has me lusting!

Now, many of these are plus sized, and I don’t mean to overlook my fellow fashionistas who are straight-sized, but it’s always awesome when a company provides multiple, stylish options for plus size ladies!

I haven’t made a purchase from DHStyles in the past — and I’m not an affiliate, so I won’t get credit if you make any purchase — but I hope their plus size runs true to size. Similar companies often use clothing from Asian makers, which can run quite small. The store doesn’t list brands, either, so it’s your best guess as to fit. With such bottom-dollar prices, I wouldn’t expect these to be amazing quality, either. I’ve skipped over skirts that just looked cheap.

Have any of you shopped at DhStyles? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Blogger Opp ~ Sweet Dreams & Decor Giveaway (3 Winners!) $105 RV #Free & #Paid Options Available

Date Tue, June 14 2016

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Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter

Date Thu, June 9 2016

I was excited about a number of things in my Bloom Voxbox from Influenster to test in exchange for my feedback, and the Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter was definitely one of them! I’ve used other NYM products, including a hairspray I got to review from another Influenster box some time ago. I liked it, so I’ve since tried hair texturizer and dry shampoo from NYM. As a drugstore brand, it’s relatively affordable, and the company is making new products all the time.

One of them is Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter, a spray for thin or fine hair that needs a little volume boost. I do have fine hair, so I figured I would give it a go. Normally I am not overly concerned about volume or the thickness of my hair because I tend to like really sleek looks, and voluminous hairstyles often seem so messy to me, but who I am to say “No” to free product?

I got a smaller size to try, but the full-sized bottled in store and at Amazon have the trigger. Directions say to spray on your hands, rub your palms together and then comb into your hair. I love this step because the product smells so damned good. It’s fruity, a little peaches ‘n’ cream if I say so myself! The scent doesn’t last long in my hair or on my hands, though. I definitely wouldn’t mind if it did.

You can use Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter on wet or dry hair. I slightly prefer it on wet hair because the moisture also removes any residue from my hands, but the product isn’t super sticky either way.

I find that combing this through my hair helps it fall naturally how I like it when I air dry; and it doesn’t interfere with blow drying, either. And I do notice some immediate plumping. It’s definitely more noticeable when applying to dry hair, of course. It seems to tame frizz a bit, which I can use a hand with when it’s so humid.

It’s not going to replace teasing or blow drying, but it goes give a little boost, and it’s almost effortless to boot. That’s important to me because I don’t want to have to add more time to my routine than I absolutely have to!

But if you want foolproof volume, I’d recommend a blowout and some hairspray to set it. Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter isn’t a miracle worker; it’s just a little first aid for your thin hair.

Still, for less than $5 for the small bottle, Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy is definitely worth giving a try!