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Date Fri, November 30 2012


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Zim’s Crack Creme

Date Fri, August 29 2014

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Max Freeze, an awesome Zim’s product that I didn’t realize I had so much use for! This time around, I get to write about their crack creme.

Now, you might be thinking that a warm, humid summer isn’t the time when you need a crack creme, and you’re right. It’s those winter months during which the pesky dry air wreaks havoc on my skin. My toes are most likely to crack, and I’ve definitely talked about this sort of product last winter.

zims crack creme

zims crack creme

However, Zim’s does more than just that. With aloe and arnica, it can also help with a whole slew of ailments including:

  • Rashes
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Insect bites
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Itching

So it would be useful to keep a tube in your medicine cabinet all year round.

While most crack products tend to be thick like body butters rather than thin lotions, Zim’s is on the thinner side. I don’t know that I would use it like a lotion, however. It’s more of a treatment in my mind. The instructions do say you should use it only two to three times on specified areas, and I like to lotion every time I wash my hands. However, Zim’s does make lotions with different scents and even lip balms.

The light slightly-medicinal smell is also not ideal for a lotion but it’s not unpleasant if it’s going to help. It’s not overly greasy. It feels like it absorbs into my skin quite nicely, too, but making your hands soft and smooth isn’t the point. Also, it does make me feel kinda itchy on skin that’s not necessarily in need of it.

Because the active ingredient is hydro-cortisone, you can use it to deal with itchy bug bites or even poison ivy and oak. I think this makes Zim’s Crack Creme a great addition to your camping medical kit.

While it’s not marketed for sunburn, I do feel like the anti-itch properties and aloe could help with that. Now that I’m writing this, I wonder if it might help with a case of razor burn, so I’ll have to try it out next time.

I’ve been fortunate never to have poison anything. This summer, I’ve had few bug bites and rashes, too,so I’ve yet to be able to put Zim’s to a good test, but that’s better news for me. I’m definitely going to get use out of it when it turns dry, however.

Zim’s almost seems like a miracle cure-all

Enter to Win Sterling Silver Earrings from Beauty 4 Free

Date Thu, August 28 2014

Love these infinity drop earrings? You can enter to win.

All you have to do is click on the image or this link.

Enter your email address.

Winners are drawn on September 1st.

Reviews by Cole is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I may make a small commission if you enter this sweepstakes. $1 eyeglasses Sale!

Date Thu, August 28 2014

Thanks to GlassedShop for providing information about their awesome sale.

Are you in need of new glasses but you are hesitant because of their high prices? Desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment?

Starting August 28, 2014, will offer $1 eyeglasses to celebrate their 10th anniversary in the business. Certain frames and styles will be available for just $1! It’s a great time to try new styles and to buy a pair of backup glasses, too. which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is going to  have a $1 eyeglasses campaign! This is a limited-time sale that ends on September 3rd.

During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1. Just use the code 1dollar.

Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited, so are the quantities of available frames and lenses. My favorite at the black and pink Barstow Rectangle Black/Rose – Black/Rose.

Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

Enter to win One Direction Makeup Autographed by the Band!

Date Wed, August 27 2014

Now, I may not be a huge fan of One Direction, but I recognize a huge opportunity when I see one. This time around, I’ve been lucky enough to offer my readers a chance to try a limited edition makeup kit from One Direction’s new line. And who doesn’t love free makeup?

What makes this even better is that it’s autographed by all the guys so if you’re a fan, this is a giveaway that’s too good to pass up. Maybe you won’t even use the makeup. After all, this is a collectible!

Autographed Makeup by ONE DIRECTION

Autographed Makeup by ONE DIRECTION

Winners will receive one of three of the available tins: Midnight Memories, Take Me Home or Up All Night. Each tin consists of various items including:

  • Lip gloss
  • lipstick
  • eye shadow
  • mascara
  • nail polish
  • eye/body crayon

However, the shades differ based on the tin. For example, Take Me Home comes with an orange gloss while Up All Night has a glittery pink gloss. All the collections come with volumizing black mascara.

You can read more about each of these collections at the Makeup by One Direction page and Facebok page.

And you can also win it yourself by using the PromoSimple widget below. 25 winners will receive one limited edition tin.

You must be located in the United States or Canada to enter.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions as I am not responsible for choosing the winner, notification or prize fulfillment.

I receive no compensation for this post. Powered by BrandBacker.

Save 50% At Petbrosia

Date Wed, August 27 2014

Do you remember my review of Petbrosia pet food? This dry food is specially formulated for you pets after you answer a few questions including:

  • Age
  • allergies
  • weight
  • activity level
  • breed
  • weight

My cats loved their cat food, and Petbrosia makes food for both cats and dogs.

Right now, the folks at Petbrosia have a coupon for 50% off a box. Boxes start at three pounds, and you can also buy 10-pound options.

Simply use code AUGEUN.

Shop Petbrosia now.

Petbrosia pet food

Petbrosia pet food

My Blog is 4 Times Faster Than Your Blog

iFrogz InTone Earbuds

Date Tue, August 26 2014

Y’all know how much I rather like Apple’s Earpods. They look silly, and not everyone loves them, but they have high sound quality and they fit my ears well. However, I’m not so enthused with the $30 price tag, especially given how quickly I tend to go through earbuds. If you’ve been around Reviews by Cole long enough, this should come as no surprise.

I’m not quite sure why I go through earbuds so quickly. There is definitely an issue when a kitty chews through them, but most of them short out. I try to look for earbuds with L-shaped jacked because this seems to help, but even Apple’s earpods, which feel much higher quality than others, eventually shorted out. One bud goes out. And I can’t listen to music like that!

The first time my earpods died, I opted for a cheap knockoff from Amazon, but they weren’t the same quality — in sound or build. The remote soon broke, and broken remotes cause the iPod to act up, so a short in the wires is actually worse with headset style earbuds.

A love story.. so far

A love story.. so far

iFrogz InTone Earbuds are generally the same shape; although, they’re much more colorful. I opted for the blue version, which have black and white buds.  I think the actual earbuds are a little larger than Apple’s. They weren’t as immediately comfortable, but this might be good for people who thought Earpods were too small. The remote on the wire is also black. Speaking of the wire, it’s a flat wire. I haven’t had any issues, and I am hopeful this will make the earbuds last longer. The description says it helps to prevent tangles, so it might. However, it’s not tangle-proof.

These earbuds also come with a remote. It’s plastic with a silicone “tube” that covers it. The tube does tend to move up the wire, so I find myself replacing it. This happened once, and it revealed the plastic remote, which is fairly cheap. They tend to snap apart at the seam, and this was happening and causing my iPod to freak out. However, I snapped it back into place and replaced the soft cover, which I hope will protect it. I would hate for the earbuds to continue to work but the remote to make them unusable anyway.

Sound quality is pretty rich, too. It’s not tinny like dollar-store earbuds; although I’m sure Earpods are better. I just don’t have any to compare — which is the exactly reason I needed a new pair.

The iFrogz InTone Earbuds do have an L-shaped jack. Like I said, this tends to be helpful.

No matter where you buy these, they’ll be cheaper than Earpods. I paid about $20 at Walmart. On the site, they’re under $15, and there’s 5 colors. On Amazon, you can purchase the black and white version for just over $10.


5 New Items I Love For Torrid

Date Mon, August 25 2014

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably realize that I love Torrid. After becoming an affiliate, it encouraged me to make more purchases, and I want other women to experience the awesome products this company offers.

For some reason, I prefer shopping online better than I do going to the store. Perhaps it’s because I can see the items on the gorgeous plus-sized models or because I can view online exclusives. I don’t know.

Torrid adds new items often, which means I have to choose between all sorts of awesome tops, skirts, dresses and accessories. I try to take advantage of the best sales, which isn’t hard. You can almost always get at least 25% off, but Torrid often has sales between 30% and 40%.  Right now, you can get 50% off international shipping. Save 30% with code BEAUTY20.

Without further ado, here are my current new favorites, none of which I’ve added to my wardrobe.. yet!

5 New Favorites from Torrid

5 New Favorites from Torrid

Sweetheart Lace Bodycon Dress

I’ve been working up my confidence after trying that dress from Ami Club Wear and wearing a few from Gwynnie Bee, too. This one has a lace overlay that I just love. The V-neck in back is also sexy and feminine.

Crisscross Babydoll Cami

This one is available in black and red. The shirred design in front emphasizes your bust while the empire waist is flattering. Two sets of straps, one which crisscrosses, make for a unique and supportive back, too.

Belted Lace Skater Dress

My love of lace overlay makes another appearance with this dress, which features a sea-foam green and black lace overlay. Wear it with or without the belt. It’s adorable and youthful and totally appropriate for multiple events. You can also get it in white and black.

Animal Print Zip Hoodie

Now that it’s getting cooler, longer sleeves are making an appearance. I’m definitely a sucker for leopard print, and the combination of black and grey with pink details is adorable. Hoodies are definitely something I need to try on in person before I buy, however.


Love the Animal Print Mesh Empire Top!

Love the Animal Print Mesh Empire Top!

Lace Empire Top/Animal Print Mesh Empire Top

Aside from fabrics, these tops have the same cut. They’re actually pretty similar to a top that I just bought from Torrid, and I love it. The black lace model doesn’t require you to wear anything underneath it, while the animal print top will work well over a cami.

Bonus: Belted Polka Dot Swing Dress

I love these retro-style dresses. Polka dots are an easy way to make you feel like a pinup. Find it in black and white and red and black.

Remember, save 30% with code BEAUTY20. There’s also an ah-may-zing sale coming up that I cannot wait to share with you!

What are your favorite new arrivals for Torrid? Do you currently own any of their clothes?

This post contains affiliate link. I will earn a small kickback if you make a purchase. I appreciate it very much!

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