10 Reasons I’m Not Entering Your Giveaway

Date Sat, July 30 2011

I have always tried to open my giveaways to as many participants as possible. I usually have no qualms about shipping to the UK, Canada or Australia if I am mailing the item myself. I don’t expect my visitors to jump through hoops just to join and I don’t use any scripts that will make it difficult to enter if you’re using a smart phone or other such device. It’s always been plain to me that I will attract more visitors if I keep things simple and easy and, thus, my site will gain more exposure.

As I browse giveaways, I find myself clicking away from the page, even if the prize is super awesome because of requirements that are either too difficult or just things that I prefer not to do. Without further ado, here’s an entire list of “Don’ts” that are hurting your cause.


10 Reasons I’m Not Entering Your Giveaways

  1. Your mandatory entry is also multiple steps. I have to do this and that and another thing? I think not. This is the problem I’m seeing with sites that use Rafflecopter. Either let me comment or rely on the script but don’t require both. It’s redundant and silly, to put it nicely.
  2. You require a Google Friend Connect follow. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t use Google Friend Connect on my site or to follow blogs. The numbers are fairly meaningless and no one should be relying on them. Others, like me, have no incentive to follow you on GFC. But you know what? Even people who do use GFC for any reason will click away from your giveaway if you require this because they don’t want to clog their reader with blogs they don’t actually follow.
  3. You require me to sign in to something. This, sadly, is the case for both Google Friend Connect and some Blogger blogs. Please allow commentors to use just their name/email/URL, if that’s possible.
  4. You want me to register. Seriously. Anything that requires me to register? I skip.
  5. You want me to do something but don’t provide a simple way to do it. I’ve just added a plug-in that creates super easy-to-use icons on the side of my blog so all my visitors can easily Tweet, “Like” or Stumble my posts. If you don’t use a similar plug-in or insert code for these actions directly in your giveaway posts, people are probably clicking away.
  6. You unintentionally exclude readers. Just because your blog focuses on your family doesn’t mean everyone who reads your blog has a family or is in school or has a yard. Even bloggers who keep things simple but just allowing us to answer a question via comment will ask a question that doesn’t allow certain groups of people to answer without lying. Don’t make me lie, okay?
  7. Your blog takes far too long to load. Maybe your giveaway has attracted thousands of users and the comments page is long, maybe you want to link to a lot of awesome sites or make money advertising. I don’t know but I can tell you that every comment, every image, every script that you use causes your site to load more slowly. Because comment forms are toward the bottom of your site, they will be one of the last portions of your site to load and if some widget is holding it up, I may simply leave. I’ve said it before but you should consider moving images to a link wall on a separate page and really think twice about all those widgets.
  8. I can’t read your blog. There is a blog that I stumble upon periodically. This blog hosts giveaways. This blog also has a design so horrendous that I have taken the time to wonder if it was a joke. I kid you not. This website uses font sizes, faces and colors galore. I can barely read the blog posts and the layout hurts my eyes so much that I leave the website as soon as I realize where I’ve landed. You do not want to be this person.
  9. I can’t tell what your prize is or that it’s a giveaway or even where to find it. I browse giveaway and sweepstakes listing sites once a week or so. Or maybe I’m following you on Twitter and I see a link. Whatever the case, if your link URL or title don’t indicate it’s a giveaway, maybe I won’t click over.  Or perhaps it doesn’t explain what you’re giving away and I’m too busy to take the time to click over (especially if your site loads slowly). Keep in mind that your images may display as thumbnails and it can become quite difficult to actually see what the image is. Include the name of your product in your URL and title, make sure to include the title in your Tweets and check your images at different sizes.
  10. Your prize doesn’t interest me. Sometimes it’s just a case of incongruous needs and wants. I have no car or garage or yard and I don’t own my own home. There’s a whole slew of items I don’t need. I don’t have kids so I probably won’t enter if your giveaway is focused on them ( there’s always exceptions of course; I do have an 8 year-old sister and a love for stuffies!). And I don’t own a BlackBerry or use Verizon so giveaways that focus on those items don’t do me any good. Sometimes, however, your item just isn’t very good. Even if something’s free, maybe it’s just not a useful or very good product to begin with. Some prizes just call to people. Electronics, brand-new items and expensive goods are those type of items. Home-made items, items that are so cheap that people don’t mind buying them or any prize that has over-saturated the market. It may help if you first ask your friends and family whether they would consider your giveaway prize.

So, there’s my list and it’s pretty good if I do say so myself (and I do!). What reasons stop you from entering giveaways?

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  1. Danielle August 2 2011 @ 5:53 am

    I just realized I unintentionally exclude readers.. I constantly ask about their kids not really thinking about it.. Thanks for the great tips on ways to improve giveaways!

  2. Beeb Ashcroft August 2 2011 @ 11:41 am

    These are good points for bloggers to keep in mind to increase entries into their giveaways! Just to be the devil’s advocate, I should mention that I actually prefer giveaways that are complicated to enter because they get less entries as a result so the odds of winning are higher. :)

    I also find I cannot enter giveaways sometimes because of unintentional exclusion. I enter a lot of giveaways for items I would like to give as gifts, so if the required entry is “Tell me your dog’s name” and I don’t have a dog, that makes entering problematic. On those type, I leave a comment along the lines of, “Well, I don’t have a dog, but if I did I’d name him Fido!”. LOL!

  3. Cristi August 2 2011 @ 7:09 pm

    Love this article! So funny, but so true… there are so many blogs hosting giveaways now, it’s important to keep these tips in mind :)

  4. Sally August 3 2011 @ 3:02 pm

    Yes Yes YES!!! These are reasons why I don’t enter certain giveaways too! Your reasons are superb…my biggest peeve is having to Like on Facebook or GFC in order to enter giveaways. I also HATE to not know my odds…so not cool. Great post!!

  5. Holly Thomas April 3 2014 @ 5:17 am

    My biggest peeve is not adding clickable links, I am not going to copy and paste any links!!

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