6+ Affiliate Tools You’re Not Using to Make Money

Date Wed, January 27 2016

As a blogger who is an affiliate for many services, I enjoy anything that makes my life easier. but because each affiliate network is so different, it can be difficult to realize what tools are available and how to use them.

So, I decided to make a list of some of my favorite affiliate tools and how they’re used!


Amazon is a pretty successful affiliate market for me, probably because they sell everything at awesome prices. They have a number of tools that I use regularly.

  1. Site Stripe

When I started writing this section, I realized that most of the things I love about Amazon’s affiliate program are accomplished from the toolbar, known as Site Stripe, that shows up on every Amazon page as long as you’re logged in to the affiliate program. In fact, I rarely log in to grab links from the dashboard because Site Strip is so damned handy.

Now, I hope this isn’t something affiliates are unaware of, but maybe you didn’t realize everything you can do with it. There is a whole slew of things you can do:

  • You can share a link to Twitter or Facebook from any product or promotion. Thumbnails on Facebook aren’t always perfect, though.
  • You can create shortened links from any page.
  • You can add any product to an Amazon store.
  • You can view updated earnings summary.

There are also options to customize what you see on the Site Stripe.

2. aStores

aStores are groups of products in a store that uses your affiliate code as part of the URL. You choose any products and can set up multiple categories. For instance, I could have a store listing all the items I’ve reviewed and liked that are for sale on Amazon. I could then break them into categories: music, health beauty, pet care, so on and so forth. You can create a store for each affiliate ID.

You can create a store for each affiliate ID. You can see my horrendously outdated aStore here. Or you can embed the store in your existing site. Store options include custom colors, mature content screening and the ability to add an “About” page.

Your store is essentially a simplified Amazon shopping experience without all the clutter and ads of regular Amazon. It’s up to you to show similar products and customer reviews. Instead of sending someone to your Amazon affiliate link, you can funnel their attention and activity with the store. This is why using categories and focusing on specific niches works so well with aStores.


  1. EEAN Link Generator Bookmarklet

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover this handy browser tool, but I can never go back! Pepperjam is another of those super huge affiliate networks. It has some of the same stores as SAS because sometimes retailers do that. There are also some exclusive retailers on Pepperjam’s networks. The ones I link to most often are Torrid, Hot Topic and Vanity. Can you tell how much I love fashion?

Pepperjam has this neat tool, a bookmarklet that enables you to create links to any pages on participating retailers’ sites without logging in to the dashboard itself. It’s super handy because all you need to do is drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, go to a page, click the bookmarklet. Bam! Affiliate link then and there!

You can find the bookmarklet listed as the EEAN link generator. This page also shows which of your affiliate programs use it. Not all of them do, but it saves a lot of time and effort even if one of the stores you’re an affiliate with does!

Share A Sale

1. Make-a-Page Widget

Make a handy width for retailers on Share a Sale

Make a handy width for retailers on Share a Sale

This is the first of a number of tools provided by Share A Sale. Sign up here. Not only am I a member of more stores’ affiliate programs thought SAS, but they offer far more tools to help affiliates be successful. Share A Sale’s Make a Page widget is perhaps misnamed. It’s simply a carousel widget that allows you to show off a few products at a time. You can customize it quite a bit, but I think it’s fairly slick to begin with.

You can see an example in  this post. I love how you can share it on social media from within the widget itself.

To use Make-A-Page, log in to Share a Sale. Select “Links” and click “Get Link” from beneath the store you wish to use. Click Make-A-Page. Not every retailer offers this feature, be warned. However, you can show products from multiple retailers in the same widget, which is awesome!

I usually type in the product name as a keyword; although, you cannot add products if the retailer hasn’t added them to the product feed. This happens with new products typically.

When your product appears in the search results, click “Add.” Repeat the process with as many products as you want. When you’re done, click “View Gallery.” You can click to get the code and copy it into your blog editor or change appearance settings on the left.

2. Two Tier Links

A two-tier link is simple: it’s a way for you to refer someone else to a specific affiliate program. From time to time, merchants will offer bonuses when you refer new affiliates. Generally, any program that allows you to refer other affiliates will give you a percent of their commissions, earning you even more money!

You’ll see a tab for Two tier links in the merchant if they allow them.

3. Create Custom Link

For any page, including giveaway and contests, that might not be listed in the product feed, you’ll want to create a custom link. As I mentioned above, new products may not immediately be added to the product feed, but you can still link to them!

Simply copy the URL into your clipboard, then paste it into the form. You can choose to add a tracking code to help you tell where traffic is coming from, and there’s also an option to create a shortened “license plate” link. You can track “Likes” and clicks of license plate links from the dashboard, which is useful!

Paid on Results

1. Deep Link Generator

Now, my American friends might not be familiar with this UK site, which hosts affiliate programs for many retailers — including Lovehoney. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Paid on Results, but they also have a handy bookmarklet. You’ll find it under the title “Deep Link Generator.” Drag it to your bookmarks toolbar and you’re set!

I am sure that I’ve missed many tools. For instance, I do not join affiliate programs through CJ, but many of you do, I’m sure. Let me know what tools you use to make your life easier in the comments!

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