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Date Tue, January 26 2010

Woo! Enough with the book reviews, right? Actually, I hadn’t reviewed a book in a while and I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately so it was a nice change of pace. I probably won’t be finishing any other books any time soon, though, so I’ll return to my slightly less wordy of household objects, shin electronics and cosmetics in short order.

In the mean time, I just thought I’d mention something that I have become aware of here. I know when selling a product or service, a company wants to target certain people. Sometimes these demographics are age, career or gender based and sometimes they are location based. I have noticed that almost all of the car insurance commercials I see here feature a representative who is Mexican American and, frequently with an accent. I’m not sure if this angle is effective. It must be because it’s so prevalent. Maybe I’m just used to the world catering to us white folks but do people really care about the skin colour of someone talking about auto insurance quote during a one minute commercial? I mean, what the hell does that have to do with the quality of the service?

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