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Date Wed, September 25 2013

Whenever I read statistics about blogs, I am not just an observer. As someone who’s has some sort of Web presence since 1999, I participated in this revolution. While my part might be less important than the roles played by people who coined the term “blog” or the famous faces like Dooce who now make a living off of their careers as a professional blogger — whatever that may be. But I have been there for the ride all along, and I don’t see myself stopping.

Of course, I do run into some writing blocks. It happens after a decade of blogging. So I’ve got some advice if you run into the same situation.

1. Unplug

Seriously, turn off the computer and go outside. Live life. Visit with your friends and family. Take a walk. Go to a concert or music. Do things that make you think and feel, and you’ll have something to write about when you get back.

2. Read the News

Sometimes people forget about legitimate news sources in the day of the Internet, but reading about what’s going on in the world can be great inspiration, especially if you read news about the topics that interest you. And while Twitter and Facebook might not be news per se, you can do a quick search to see what people are talking about. If anything evoke a reaction in you, why not blog about it?

3. Listen to Music

I might not still post lyrics or videos like I once did on my personal blog, but that doesn’t mean that music doesn’t affect me in some deep way. I don’t even have to think about it, and the sound of a song or the lyrics in my ears have my daydreaming. Now, I don’t often write about these things, but I certainly could. A lot of people feel as though music says what they don’t know how to, so use it as a springboard.

4. Dream Out Loud

I have weird dreams. Normally, I remember much of them when I wake up and I try to make a note to discuss them later. Your blog can become your digital dream journal, where you discuss what happens during your REM cycle. Of course, you can go one step further and analyze what those dreams might mean. I don’t usually do that with my really strange dreams, but it would make for an interesting post.

5. Take Time to Teach

Chances are, you know how to do something that not everyone else knows, so why not teach ┬áthem? There’s a lot of tutorials on Reviews by Cole and my personal website that teach you how to do things from create websites to installing memory in your laptop. What you know might not have anything to do with computers, and that’s okay. You’re a blogger, so you probably like to talk. I know that I do. Why not teach while you do it?

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