I Should Have Blogged..

Date Tue, June 24 2014

but I didn’t.

I reserve Sunday night for writing in all my blogs. I try to schedule a bunch of reviews, giveaways and guides for the following week so all I have to add are extra opps and events that I signed up for (but ultimately forgot LOL). During the week, I don’t ¬†want to do a bunch of writing on any of my blogs on the days when I am also pounding away at articles and product descriptions and tutorials as a freelance writer.

I take one day off a week most weeks: Sundays. but I don’t get to stop writing because those are my blog catchup days.

My mind was having none of that at all on Sunday, however. I had a weekend full of dinners, video games, pedicures, ball games and socializing with more people than I typically see in a week. I was overstimulated and by the time I realized how overstimulated I was, I was knee-deep in a fight with a friend and had dealt with three quarreling tweens for several hours. I was done for. Kaput.

So I headed home, cried a bit, ranted to friends, ignored my phone to finally fill my tummy with the breakfast I’d missed from waking up late, and vegged out playing Mario Kart and watching Family Guy.

Truth be told, I feel better. I guess I needed that. And maybe if I rearranged my schedule to have two days off per week so I could blog on one day and not have to write at all on another, it would be better. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this.

So I apologize for this week’s late and lame content — if it seems that way to you. If you don’t even notice, awesome!

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