Grammarly: A Must-Have for Writers and Bloggers

Date Fri, March 11 2016

As both a hobby blogger and a freelance writer, I feel pretty confident in my writing abilities. There are certainly people who struggle more than I do. That doesn’t mean that I cannot improve or that I wouldn’t be open to options that would help me do better. I recently discovered Grammarly, both the free version and the subscribed version, and it’s definitely something I think more people like myself should know about!

Grammarly is a both a plugin you can download for your browser and an app for your computer. I started with the plugin, which is free, to test in Chrome. The basic version of Grammarly checks for grammar mistake beyond your basic spell check. In my experience, it’s good at finding mistakes that both the human eye and spell check misses, including:

  • double words
  • sound-alike words
  • missed words

The free version only shows you critical issues, and you’ll see an underline in your text editor, or you can open the Grammarly¬†editor full screen to see more tips. You can choose to see suggestions, make changes or ignore the potential issue. The free version of Grammarly is, at least, something every blogger or writer should have — if not every person who uses the Web! Honestly!

You can stay with Grammarly there if you’re got pretty decent skills, but subscribing offers even more suggestions and, to be honest, is worth it if you’re not very good with words. Grammarly will find all those common mistakes, but the premium version will also do things such as:

  • Point out overused words
  • Highlight passive voice
  • Suggest better word pairs
  • Make your writing sound stronger
  • Correct comma usage
  • Choose the type of writing (academic, business, creative, et cetera)
  • Cut out unnecessary words

..and more. I upgraded for a year at $150, which means I save $20 overall. But you can just try it out for a month if you’d like. If you really want to become a better writer, this is a small price to pay.

If you’re a blogger who has a website but grammar isn’t your strong suit, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not using it. Seriously. ¬†I sometimes cringe when reading others’ blogs. And it’s hard for me to proofread my own blog at other times. Grammarly is like a set of fresh eyes.

The tool allowed me to correct 3 or 4 crucial issues in this post, and it suggested a dozen non-critical issues. I didn’t make all the changes, but I feel confident posting anything after using Grammarly.

I think any professional or student could benefit from the Grammarly plugin.

If you’d like, you can get the free plugin here. But I definitely recommend checking out the premium version for anyone who is serious about their writing. You can click my affiliate link below to get started.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Note: I’ll make a commission if you purchase the previous version.

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