Group Giveaway Event Organizer Survey

Date Thu, January 23 2014

I recently got it in my head that I might want to (help) organize a group giveaway event. I will likely start small, inviting some personal friends to co-host and sponsoring most of the prize myself.

As I was thinking about this in the shower — isn’t this where you do all your thinking? — I realized that I have an idea of what goes into it but haven’t much looked at the specifics. As a person who has entered only free opps, I haven’t paid attention to specific things such as co-hosting and the organization side of things.

The following survey is both a way for my to learn from your experiences to help myself in the future and a way to shed light all around. I hope to answer questions such as:

  • What giveaway tool do bloggers prefer?
  • Which link types do bloggers go for?
  • How much can giveaway hosts expect to spend on giveaways (time and money?)
  • What prizes and entry types do entrants like best?

Google’s awesome graph-creating tools will hopefully allow me to create some imagery so I can write some blog posts about the state of giveaway events in the future.

This survey may¬†change as I get feedback. You can give feedback directly in the form itself (last question) or on this blog post. The survey will definitely stay up a while, and I’ve allowed you to edit posts so you can start it now and come back to give more in-depth answers later.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond!

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