“Hiccups” with the New Izea Cause Frustration for Publishers and Advertisers

Date Sat, April 5 2014

Get Sponsored by Big BrandsI was pretty excited when Izea announced and then finally released its new marketplace, which combines many of the types of sponsored content — posts, Tweets, images, etc — of Social Spark, PPP and other Izea services. I had assumed that Izea would be replacing all of those eventually, but they all still exist for now.

Despite posting about it and referring a bunch of bloggers, not much has happened. I’ve been award 3 bids, that’s right 3 options to work with advertisers, for an entire month. I quickly used mine up.. and nothing happened.

A new month rolled around and I used my 3 bids again, sending messages to sponsors with the amount I’d require for payment for a blog post or tweet. I figured nothing would happen. I signed in today to see that something had happened, but it wasn’t good!

An advertiser had canceled my pitch (no, I didn’t get the bid back) and sent the following message:

Although we would have loved to work with you, IZEA’s website is experiencing several hiccups that have made it difficult to do business. Once these missteps have been figured out, we will consider returning for additional opportunities in the future. Thank you so much for considering us.

I cannot help but wonder if perhaps the reason everything has been so quiet on Izea’s front is because no one can use it! As a blogger, I certainly don’t know what’s going on for advertisers. I’m willing to bet that the opposite is true.

In the meantime, I know of no one who has received an opp. I posed a question to Izea the other day but got no response. ┬áIt’s so quiet — save for those annoying daily emails! — that I’m not sure whether anything is going on over there. This doesn’t bode well for a setup that wants us to pay for unlimited bids.

So, let me know. Have you signed up for Izea? Have any of your bids been accepted?


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  1. Jenn April 6 2014 @ 11:28 am

    I wonder what happened. While I’m not keen on IZEA’s semi-new thing of having the gall to charge bloggers who want to make money, I keep on truckin’ with the free options. I did get approved for an Instagram post about the “new” IZEA, but so far I haven’t seen the post get published. I also haven’t heard back from any of the companies I put bids on. :/

  2. Cole April 9 2014 @ 2:20 pm

    Maybe just bit off more then they can chew?

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