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Date Sun, April 27 2014

So, I’ve ranted before about poor HTML that I’ve had to use as someone signing up for group events and such. In short: it breaks the Internet.

However, I also understand where it comes from. People who are less experienced with HTML and perhaps don’t have enough time to hand code or to go back through code created by visual editors to bring it up to standards. That’s okay. You don’t have to.

Because you can hire me.

I’ve decided to offer my services as someone who has experience, knowledge and time to help with HTML to make the World Wide Web a better place.

What about my qualifications?

HTML Document

Let me take the stress out of HTML!

  • I’ve been working with HTML since 1999.
  • I have experience with HTML 4 and 5 (I will write code to the latest HTML standards) and XHTML. I’ve hand-coded both Reviews by Cole and my personal blog.
  • I edit each and every group giveaway that I post on my site.

And what will I do?

  • I can create standards-compliant HTML for giveaway “announcement” posts.
  • I can create valid HTML for giveaways themselves.
  • I will incorporate all of your pertinent information, links and images into posts.
  • Posts will also include relevant keywords for SEO purposes.
  • I will create posts that are compatible with all participants’ websites.
  • I can create Google Drive forms to collect participant information.
  • I can create a template for you to use for future giveaways and events (one-time fee). Simply plug in your images, links and unique texts and go!
  • I will also offer services for crafting posts for non-group giveaway events.
  • I can create code for specific pages on your website, including code for widgets, customized categories and more.
  • I will check all code against the validator.
  • I can also edit your existing giveaway code to remove unnecessary HTML and code that doesn’t meet standards.

As you can see from this list, I can help take some of the grunt work out of running/hosting large events. I can also help you as a blogger.

Obviously, there are many services I can offer, and you may need a customized solution so there are no set prices for this service. If you’re at all interested, use the form below to get in touch!


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