One Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Date Thu, May 1 2014
Who doesn't want to be at the top?

Who doesn’t want to be at the top?

I’m not going to write a big old post about this because it’s a simple concept and one that I discovered on accident.

Last week, I posted more. I had reviews I was behind on, and I’d also joined a fair number of group giveaway events in addition to joining some new programs with sponsored opportunities.

So I posted more. In fact, I was posting twice a day. I didn’t want any day to feel too thin with content, so I posted one article or review in addition to every giveaway event or sponsored post. I was aiming for balance.

Almost immediately, my Alexa ranking jump. That is, to say, it dipped well below 200k — the lowest it’s ever been. My rating in the USA was even better, around 30k.

I have since slowed down posting (I got lazy, okay?), and my rank has dropped back to 200,000. With few other changes, it’s easy to see how important posting is to Alexa rank.

However, it wasn’t just Alexa that was doing better. Page views and visitors skyrocketed according to Google Analytics. All my stats were better than ever, and I was stoked. If you’re a blogger, you know how important ratings and stats are for getting the “good” opps. And these opps don’t just benefit me. They benefit all the readers of Reviews by Cole.

Obviously, I won’t always be able to keep up. For example, I am attending Minneapolis Comic Con this weekend. I leave Thursday morning, so everything is going to be much more quiet. Some days, work (freelance writing) is more stressful, and this leaves little time for this blog, Facebook interactions and browsing Twitter.

It’s also difficult to keep those creative juices going. Believe me, I understand. I write thousands of words per day. Burn-out happens. In fact, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more. And I don’t have a family or a job out of the home. I don’t have PTA or volunteer anywhere. I don’t have a husband and two kids who need three square meals per day. I am not taking care of an elderly parent, trying to buy or sell a house or doing any of those other things that many of my fellow bloggers do on top of blogging. 

So there are only 24 hours in a day, and we can only do so much. I get it. But there’s no doubt that the difference between those who succeed and those who fail are those who can and do take the extra step. In this case, the extra step is posting more than once per day.

One thing that makes this easier is saving all those ideas, whether as drafts or in a notepad or by using your phone’s memo app. I’ve learned that, when inspiration strikes, I need to take heed. Otherwise, I might lose the idea. Even if I don’t get it down on the screen right away, taking the time to make note of an idea for a blog post does wonders. And when I sign in and I know I want to post but I have no idea what I want to post, I can draw from that fountain and go.

So, bloggers: How often do you post? How do you find inspiration when there’s none around?

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