The Calm After the Storm

Date Wed, October 4 2017

My summer was busy. Hectic. Tragic. Exhausting. It was all those things and more, and I didn’t write about it here.

In fact, I rarely wrote anything on Reviews by Cole. I had big plans and I failed to come through. In the past, I might have apologized to you, my readers. But I feel like I owe myself the apology more. At any given time, having a  blog that I keep up with means more to me than it does my reader.

Still, I needed to take time off to grieve. There were times when I couldn’t force myself to do much, and I’d bail on the few plans I had made. So it wasn’t just this blog that suffered. And while I felt like I’d rather stay inside and make a blanket fort (and I did make one!), I also became more isolated and resentful along the way. Perhaps there was no other way for me to come out of it.

As of writing this post, I’ve caught up on email, contacted a few companies about prospective partnerships, filled my Buffer queue and entered some giveaways. Here’s hoping that I can keep up with the momentum!

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