What will reach 5,000 first?

Date Sat, May 3 2014

As I type this, both my Twitter and Facebook accounts are hovering just under 5,000 followers each. Twitter needs less than 60 new likes while Facebook has a bit more to go with 4440 fans.

Now, you might not know this, but 5,000 fans is pretty awesome for a blogger. To be this close on both is incredibly flattering.

But I’m also wondering which account will make it first. Will it be Twitter because it’s closer to 500? Or Facebook because I generally post there first and recently used some advertising money to promote my first-ever Facebook giveaway? Will my Pinterest somehow sneak up from 1500 fans to 5,000 fist? ;) Naaah.

So, if you want to help me out, like me on Facebook or Twitter. Say “Hi.” Let me know how you found me or ask a question about any of the reviews, giveaways or tutorials here on Reviews by Cole.

Oh! and how do you think I should celebrate once I get to 5,000? Burgers and beer? A night spent doing nothing but watching Netflix? Or maybe a giveaway!

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