Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment

Date Fri, January 9 2015

Thanks to Smiley360, I’ve had this medicated product sitting around my house for a few months. I knew I would likely need it sometime during the winter because really bad colds, like the one I have now, tend to knock out my immune system, allowing me to get a cold sore. This morning, I woke up with not […]

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Film-Coating Equals #FastAdvil

Date Mon, October 20 2014

I’ve always liked Advil because of the sweet coating. It makes it a whole lot easier to swallow, pun intended. A few years back, I had a bad experience with my body reacting to some Advil so I haven’t used it frequently since then, but i decided to give it another go when I was […]

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Prilosec OTC

Date Thu, August 1 2013

A while back, I got a bunch of samples from P&G. I totally forgot about them for some time. I rearranged my bathroom and medicine cabinet a few weeks ago, and remembered that I had two tablets of Prilosec OTC. It was certainly a welcome discovery because I have been having some terrible heartburn at […]

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