Constant Content

Date Fri, August 24 2012

I’ve written about pretty much every site I’ve used to make a little bit of money here on Reviews by Cole. Constant Content is one of the last sites on this list, and I figured I’d write a review when a friend asked about it. CC works differently from sites like Text Broker or Writer […]

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Date Sat, June 23 2012

For the most part, my writing income now comes from a site called TextBroker. It’s quite similar to WriterAccess, which I’ve talked about previously, but there’s a few key differences. In fact, as I type this, the TextBroker website seems to be undergoing some changes that are causing it to be slow/time out. Like WriterAccess, […]

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Writer Access

Date Sat, March 10 2012

  Writer Access is a website that I discovered a while . I registered as a writer and performed the writing test so I was rated and receiving updates of new titles; however, I was mostly writing for Demand Media so I didn’t really spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and […]

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Date Sat, September 11 2010

Once upon I time, I was a member of 3 paid to read email sites. All three of them went down in flames at they declared bankruptcy or simply did not pay their members. Since that time, many more sites have come and gone and a few have stuck around for the long haul. I […]

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Battle of the Freelance Sites

Date Sun, June 6 2010

A couple months ago, I hopped back on the freelance sites Elancer and to look for work. Work, I found but not without some thought provoking experiences. I prefer Elance by far. The site is better designed on the whole; it looks more professional. I was able to easily browse for projects when I […]

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Adgitize: Not Worth the Hassle

Date Sat, May 1 2010

I noticed something interesting the other day when I signed into EntreCard (which I wrote about quite some time ago) and visited some of the listed blogs. The more active I am, the more blogs apply for advertising via the widget in my sidebar. Of course, I earn credits on the site from ‘selling’ the […]

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I don’t get it..

Date Fri, January 8 2010

It’s no secret there are some ads on my site. And I do paid blogging. And both of these things sometimes reflect the actual content of my site but sometimes I see ads or opps which I just don’t understand. What does home buying in Arkansas or Samsung have to do with my or my […]

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