When Diamonds Aren’t A Girl’s Best Friend: Alternative Valentine’s Gemstone

Date Mon, January 29 2018

It’s somewhat ironic that I’ve got an opportunity to work with Jewel on Fire, a retailer that focuses on all sorts of affordable-yet-gorgeous jewelry because I just listened to a podcast about how the value of diamonds is inflated. This isn’t a new fact to me, nor does it really change my mind about diamonds.  You see, I don’t like them.

That’s right. Diamonds are not my best friend. White diamonds, at least. I’ll take blue or black or pink if I must. But I’d much rather a deep sapphire, a mystic topaz or even an opal. I guess that makes me a cheap date! LOL

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, one of the big jewelry-buying holidays, you’ll see lots of ads for diamond jewelry. Some people will be glad to receive those gifts. I am just not one of them.

If you’re shopping for someone like me who doesn’t love white diamonds or perhaps, I’ve got a few suggestions for other stones. The individual pieces in this post all come from Jewel on Fire, and some feature white diamond accents. But the main gems are either colored or not diamonds for a unique appearance.


The deep red of garnet is perfect for a Valentine’s theme, and I think it goes well with white or black accent gems, like in the garnet and white diamond accent sterling ring.


Keeping with the red theme, we have ruby. You can purchase both natural and created rubies. Jewel on Fire offers the simple but elegant created ruby sterling silver gemstone ring. I also like the more traditional genuine ruby and white diamond accent sterling silver ring, available in both white and yellow metal.


Citrine might be an unusual choice for Valentine’s Day, but I think it stands out. The specific shade is sure to get you comments. Jewel on Fire has two citrine pieces that I really like. The genuine citrine and white diamond accent sterling silver pendant is a gorgeous statement necklace that would look amazing on a night out. For something that might work better for daily use, there’s another citrine pendant with diamond accents.


The subtle blue of aquamarine makes you take a second look, which is why I am including a few aquamarine options on this list. The first is a pendant that just seems vintage-inspired to me, a heart-shaped pendant with aquamarine and white diamonds.

Blue Topaz

Another blue option is topaz. If you’re familiar with the Irish claddagh, then you know it represents love and friendship. How perfect for the upcoming holiday?!  The center stone in this sterling silver Claddagh ring is blue topaz!


Jewel on Fire has a ring design that I just love, and it comes with multiple gems. One that I love is the deep sapphire. Check out the 1-carat sapphire ring, which features hearts and diamonds on either side.

Mystic Topaz

Can’t decide on just one color? You don’t have to with the universe of colors that you can see in mystic topaz. The sterling silver heart ring is similar to the one above but has a more detailed band.


Up next we have tanzanite, a purple gem. I love the asymmetrical placement of the single gem in this tanzanite heart pendant.


Crystals are available in any number of colors. This jar of hearts pendant comes in several, including a lovely deep blue. You can also buy a unique orange crystal pendant that’s platinum-plated.

Chrome Diopside

I’d never heard of this gem before, but the bold green is a winner in my book. The overlapping heart ring is pretty cute.

Now, I don’t hate diamonds. In fact, Jewel on Fire has a ton of black, blue and even red diamond options that I adore. Did you even know that red diamonds exist? I didn’t! There are too many to name them all, but you should check out the black and white diamond open heart pendant, the totally unique Letters of Love black diamond bracelet, the black and white infinity heart ring, this red and white heart necklace, a ring with red and white diamonds, these black diamond heart earrings, this blue and white diamond heart necklace. or this black diamond heart ring.

f you can’t make up your mind, this multi-colored diamond heart pendant might just be the solution.

Okay, so this post isn’t just about all the awesome jewelry options that you might overlook if you focus on jewelry. It’s also to tell you that you can save money by shopping at Jewel on Fire with the following coupon for 25% off your purchase! That’s an amazing deal considering how affordable the prices are already!

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I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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