The Ho-ho-ho-lidays Are Coming Soon

Date Fri, October 27 2017

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I cannot believe that October is almost over. While I am excited for Halloween, the year’s end is nigh. Soon, we’ll all be shopping for holiday gifts and sending out cards — if you aren’t already.

It’s even more difficult to believe because we finally got summer temperatures on the first day of fall. This late summer has me totally thrown off. So when I am browsing Minted for holiday cards, the images of wintery wonderlands seem misplaced. I guess it might take a little bit to feel excited and inspired by Christmas trees, reindeer and the like.

Don’t get me wrong, Minted’s 2017 holiday collection is certainly worthy if you want to see a card that will really stand out.¬† And if you’re a fan of the family photo card, then Minted has you covered as well. There are plenty of non-photo options, too, and Minted makes them easy to find. I don’t send photo cards. If y’all want to see pictures of my cats, you can just log on to Facebook. LOL!

I’m a big fan of Minted’s foil cards, which have just a texture. Most of the designs many to be sleek and sophisticated, even when they depict cute designs. You can also find unique square and even round cards that can be gifted as ornaments. As you customize your card photo, colors, and fonts, you can choose the card shape. Pretty neat!

Some of my favorites are below (most of which are foil designs!).

Well, I guess I am getting ready to be in the holiday spirit a little more after writing this post. Though, I better check how many cards I need before I wind up in an avalanche of pretty paper and foil!

If you find something you like and order by October 30th, you’ll be able to save 15% off your order with code¬†HOLCARDS. Plus, orders over $125 qualify for free shipping. This is unlikely to be the only deal you’ll find from Minted in time to send out holiday cards, but the sooner you order, the better, right?

Minted doesn’t just do holiday cards. If you like their designs, you can use them for your other greeting cards and invitation needs. Can anyone say ‘Wedding?” You can even host a wedding website built with Minted’s help.

Some of their lesser-known products include home decor (including pillows placemats and shelves), prints, picture display bars, tree skirts, party accessories, oven mitts and towels,. You can even have your menus printed at Minted to really blow your guests’ expectations out of the water! And when you’re sending our “Thank you” cards to everyone who visited or gave a gift — or both — Minted to the rescue, again!

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