3 Sci-fi Shows You Should Binge Right Now

Date Mon, April 9 2018

Travelers tv showI’ve spent a lot of time checking out new TV series lately, and I figured that instead of feeling guilty about it, I can write a post where I recommend some of them to my readers. Then, I’m not being lazy. I’m doing research, right? Right?

So the following three series are all Sci-fi. I’m a Sci-fi fan, which you’ve probably figured out by now. I didn’t realize how much I liked Sci-fi for a long time. Funny, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s actually been a while since I tried on a new TV show for size. I’ve mostly been sticking to the followup seasons of shows I like. This recent binge occurred after Hulu added some new series, two of which I have been enjoying. I’ll start with those.


Timeless TV show

Hulu added Timeless just a few days after I first heard of it from a Facebook ad. Interesting, right? I actually saved the ad because it looked interesting, and it hasn’t let me down thus far.

Timeless is the story of a trio of adventures, Lucy (a teacher/historian), Wyatt (the muscle) and Rufus (an engineer) who are using a time travel machine to go back in time to stop a villain who has another machine. He keeps going back to change the course of history and wreak havoc. Our intrepid explorers-through-time don period-appropriate costumes (one of the draws and attempt to thwart the enemy without messing things up too badly. It’s easier said than done, of course.

The tone of Timeless is more drama than science fiction, but the backdrop of time travel is crucial to the plot. I enjoy the costumes, as I’ve mentioned, and seeing the team present during historical events such as the assassination of Lincoln. The production values are high, and the chemistry between the actors is great.

There are no huge names in Timeless, but I recognize a number of actors from recurring roles in other shows.

I’ve watched up to the second season, which is all that’s available on Hulu. I think this is a strong recommendation.


Beyond TV show

Beyond is another show that was just popped up on Hulu. There are currently two short seasons, so it won’t take much time to binge it like I did.

Beyond focuses on a teenaged boy who is in an accident and goes into a coma for more than a decade. He awakes with powers and must discover their origin and significance. As Holden learns about the happenings in his coma, he makes strange new friends from other worlds and must avoid powerful foes.

I think Beyond has a smaller target audience than Timeless. The story is about a young adult, and it has something of a “CW” feel (it airs on Freeform, which was one ABC Family). In fact, there was something about this that reminded me a bit of the show Roswell. If you prefer stories about characters who have already discovered themselves, then Beyond might be a bit young for you.

The production values and acting aren’t quite as tight as some other shows. And I have one major bone to pick (that I think I can address without spoiling much). Holden is just a young teen when he enters his coma and emerges as a 25-year-old. While the show points out how his younger brother is now functionally older, it really glazes over the sort of issues that would occur were this to really take place. The Holden we see acts much more like an adult than an adolescent, and this feels like a loose end that could have been better explained (especially as Holden learns more about what went down during his coma).

They don’t really deal with this well enough, but it’s not so annoying that I didn’t watch the first two seasons. I already accepted that this show isn’t the best and still watch it for its entertainment value.



I came across the recommendation for Travelers because it’s created by Brad Wright, who helped to create the Stargate series. Like with Stargate, Brad wrote several of the episodes of Travelers. It’s a Netflix original, so you’ll have to switch apps to watch this one. I have yet to catch up with all the episodes of Travelers because there are already two complete seasons, but I am definitely on my way.

Travelers is actually about a group of people who travel in time. More specifically, a team of people who have been deployed from the future to help save the human race, which has severely diminished by the time in the future from whence the travelers came (we don’t really know when). Travelers are able to project their consciousnesses into recently-decease bodies, so they carefully time projection and welcome the newest travelers into the fold.

The travelers try to research the best candidates, but there are some errors due to limited or incorrect knowledge. This makes pursuing goals, many of which revolve around saving lives and preventing tragedies, more difficult. There is an unseen “Director” who sends out orders – sparingly – and there is a rule (Protocol 6) that prevents groups from communication when there’s no directive.

The group that we follow is led by an FBI agent played by Eric McCormack whom I recognize from Will and Grace. He’s a likable leader who must make tough decisions. While I don’t recognize the other actors, they’re all talented. It’s particularly interesting to see the future-born personalities adapt to life in the “past” with a few hiccups as well as to try to continue to play the roles of their host bodies without arousing suspicion.

Like most Netflix originals, Travelers is high-quality. I am excited to see where this show goes as the best of plans continue to careen off the rails.

Bonus: If you haven’t already seen it, Marvel’s Runaways is available on Hulu. The show that debuted last year is the small-screen adaptation of the comic of the same name. It follows a group of friends (and not-so-friends) who develop superpowers, uncover difficult truths about some of the people in their lives, and must make difficult decisions as they choose to cope with those things.

The show is a little young, like Beyond, and it’s not quite as action-packed. I’ve heard criticism for the slower pace and the inclusion of a lot of sex, but I’ve enjoyed it thus far and look forward to the second season.

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