7 Things Every Purse Should Have

Date Tue, December 24 2013

1. Lip Balm

My go-to is Chapstick, but as long as you have something that’s going to moisturize and protect you from sun or bitter winter winds, you’re good to go. I also have a slew of lip gloss, but it’s sticky and not intended to make my lips feel and be healthy the way that a good balm is.

What's in your purse?

What’s in your purse?

 2. Hand Sanitizer

This became a necessity in Japan, where hand soap just wasn’t very common in a lot of bathrooms. Talk about gross. It’s also good at times when the flu and colds seem to be going around. Heading to your child’s school? Stressful family reunions? Keeping yourself clean is key to keeping yourself happy. Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of the smell of alcohol or drying ingredients , either. There’s several options available to you.

3.  A Pair of Scissors

I recommend the small type you’d use in the bathroom. It’s large enough to cut threads that might come lose from your clothes, can cut hair in a pinch and is great when you break a nail.

4. Tampons/Pads

Even if you’re a fortunate woman who no longer gets her period can be a good friend by slipping something to her friends in need. I personally find that I often run out in the bathroom without realizing it, so I run to my purse for a spare.

5. Tissues

Don’t even get my started on the Puffs vs Kleenex conversation. There is only one true winner (Puffs!), but it doesn’t matter as long as you keep a small pack in your purse. Not only does it help if you’re sick, have allergies or are suddenly attacked by the sneezes, but you can also use it to clean up small messes.

6. Pen

I don’t even write checks, but I cannot tell you how useful the pen is that I carry in my purse. I’ve even had the same one in there for about five years. It doesn’t always get a ton of use, but I am so grateful when I do need to  use it. You can go the cheap route if you’re afraid of losing it, expressed yourself with color or even grab a Sharpie, but I’ve always been a fan of  the Dr. Grip.

7. Sunglasses

Now, maybe my eyes are just sensitive but I really don’t understand how  people survive without wearing sunglasses. If mine aren’t on my face, they’re in my purse. If I had a car, I’d probably keep a pair in there, too. Sunglasses are hard to shop for because you want them to look good, but you also want to get rid of anything that blocks your vision while you’re driving. I’m personally a fan of cateye sunglasses; although, the ones I have right now are pretty cheap, you’ll want to place yours in a nice case to protect them.


Of course, your list might differ. Perhaps you can’t live without gum or an inhaler. I personally don’t need either. Some people swear by floss or toothpaste in their bags. Let me know how your list differs in the comments.

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