Advil Congestion Relief Project

Date Tue, December 6 2011

Advil Congestion Relief

It’s that time of year again, when headphones and hair freeze and sunglasses stick to your face. Okay, maybe those problems are specific to me but congestion is not. My sinuses act up as I grow older. Luckily. Advil makes congestion productions to help during cold and flu season, especially. Advil is also spearheading a community-oriented project that aims to reduce all sorts of congestion in local communities.

The project page is soliciting¬† stories from people like you and me. Hop over to tell how congestion is affecting your community — from the roads to living areas. Your story could earn your community up to $30,000 to combat congestion.

I am a member of One2One Network and I am eligble to receive product and prizing for my time. I make no claims about Advil Congestion Relief as a product or it’s effectiveness.

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