Anxiety and Emotions Don’t Have to Rule Your Life

Date Thu, August 4 2016

Although this post isn’t the typical content that I post on Reviews by Cole, it’s something I know well as someone who has suffered from anxiety. I hope this can help someone.

There’s no doubt, at some point, everybody suffers bouts of insecurity, anxiety or even downright depression; however, the world of psychiatry and the various thoughts on these issues has gone through some ups and downs over the years. In fact, even some approaches to these subjects have gone through their own changes in the realm of professional psychiatry; however, one thing that seems to stand firm is that there are many people who are looking for that missing piece. They’re looking for a way to feel better about themselves and their situation in life and sometimes it’s just a matter of understanding why these feelings occur and development new ways of looking at the world that can help us change our mood.

Different Ways of Handling the World Around Us

Some psychiatrists, such as Barbara Deshong at MysteryShrink, provide important information we can use in our everyday lives in order to change the way we feel. For example, when something unexpected happens, you can either act on an emotional level or the “Emotional Guidance System” or you can use the “Thinking Guidance System.” These two systems are available to every person to help guide them in making decisions. The emotional guidance system is the one that kicks in immediately when one is faced with a stressful situation. This might mean lashing out in anger, procrastinating or even overeating. It is the part that takes over before one has an opportunity to think things through.
On the other hand, when the thinking guidance system is engaged, you are able to use a rational thought process to think through the anxiety and find the best course of action, rather than letting your emotions rule your behavior. Of course, in order for one to use the thinking guidance system, it’s necessary to be able to control the emotional guidance system long enough to allow the process of thinking through the situation and evaluating consequences take over. Anxiety is a normal part of life, but being able to think through alternative ways of dealing with stress can help create a more peaceful and pleasant situation.
You have a choice in how you direct your life and in the types of decisions you make regarding your reaction to stressful events. Reacting on an emotional level is often fraught with extra anxiety, but using a thinking guidance system can bring about positive changes. With a little effort, you can make a dramatic difference in your mood and in your life.

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