#BeMoreHuman with Reebok

Date Fri, February 6 2015

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I don’t know how many of you watched the Superbowl. Considering as most of my readers are American, I’d bet at least some of you did. Hell, I even stopped at a bar to enjoy it with the company of friends, drinks and good food for the first time ever. It was more fun than I expected; although, I still don’t understand or even care about football. Ha!

One thing I did enjoy were all the commercials and the halftime show. Katy Perry rocked it out of the stadium, eh? And that left shark. GO SHARKS! But I digress.

There were a number of commercials that I liked, including the new Fiat commercial and Reebok’s Be More Human message. You can see it below:

That is their new campaign, and it’s all about encouraging everyone to be the most they can be. Because being the best you can isn’t about being super human, it’s about being more human. I really like this idea!

You can find out more about #BeMoreHuman on Reebok’s site. They’ve also got a fun test to find out your human score. This multi-part test that’s pretty fun. The design is actually incredibly well done, so I have to give Reebok props for that. And if you were wondering? I’m a 72 on the human scale, with intellectual curiosity in the lead, followed by grit. This makes me the “Fit Spirit.”

reebok human test fit spirit


So head to Reebok’s site. Take the test. Let me know your result. Then buy some things to help you be more human!

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