Cut it Out

It might come as a surprise to some readers to know that one of my most highly commented upon posts is the review for my el cheapo little paper shredder from Target. It’s a good post now that Spring is upon us and the cleaning season will take (some of) us by force. And with spring cleaning upon us, I would swap my current shredder for the Fellowes P-12C paper shredder. In fact, I was just discussing with a few friends how many credit card applications I receive and how it’s best to shred them so someone cannot make a fake credit card with your information.

Which is why the cross-cutting technology of the Fellowes P-12C paper shredder is far superior to my can top model, any day of the year (plus, it includes a its own bin). Additionally, parents and pet owners can rest assured that the shredder with turn off when the little and furry ones become close to the device. But don’t worry that it will not be able to accommodate your documents, staples and all! The design may be slim but Fellowes advertises its power.

And with this post, I may be able to win one!

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