Deja Vu

Date Wed, September 23 2009

Anyone hear ever heard of Deja Vu cosmetics? Ryan bought some for me on his way back from Iraq and I’ve started using their moisturizer (review to come). The packaging is nice; although, I’d never heard of the company before. It’s not a name I’ve run across when doing my usual shopping for acne treatment and other cosmetic products. Apparently, though, all the products originate from the Dead Sea so that’s kind of cool.

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  1. Kia December 2 2012 @ 7:52 am

    Wow. Last night I bought the nail kit and facial peeling stuff and am upset at the reviews. I have not used either product yet, but I don’t like wasting money. Lesson learned. Avoid kiosk at all cost!!!!!

  2. Patricia Davis December 4 2012 @ 8:16 pm

    I bought the eye creams (day and night) and they were totally ineffective. After a month, I called the local manager,Renee, and she told me I saw no results because I was using the product too often–daily rather than twice weekly and to give it a month of bi-weekly use. I did that, still with no noticable effect. Now, she tells me I have used the wrong finger to apply it.

    She would not consider a refund (and did not offer an exchange) because she says I am the only dissatisfied customer she has ever had in five years.

    If you read through the 51 comments above, clearly that is not the case.

    I would not advise anyone to buy these products and feel totally ripped off. I bought them at the kiosk outside Macy’s in Anapolis Mall in Maryland. Beware. patricia davis

  3. Suzanne December 12 2012 @ 1:33 am

    I need to urgently find out what the physical address is of Deja Vu in Sandton South Africa. I am trying to return some products, and are not winning.

  4. Earle December 16 2012 @ 11:37 am

    What a nightmare! I was walking though The Mall at Columbia on my way back from Sears when out of nowhere this salesgirl grabs my hand and pulls me over to her kiosk. All I could think of was how bold that was. With a very heavy Israeli accent she then began to examine my hands saying how dry and rough they were and and began to rub this salt into them. After the whole song and dance and washing my hands off, even I was amazed at all the dirt was left over in this white bowl. She went on saying that those were dead skin cells, blah blah blah. After much hemming and hawing on my part about the price of the product (which as I later found out to be rediculous), I find myself buying $200 worth of hand cream. It wasn’t until the next day where I realized what a huge mistake that was, and questioning my own sanity returned to the mall to return the items. Bad now goes to worse. The kiosk would NOT give me a refund, but said they would only “exchange” the product. I was livid. What company in this day and age does not give a refund on their product, in a mall of all places?!?! The same clerk pointed to a sign right next to the resgister that said “No Refunds only exchanges” and then said that it clearly states on my receipt that they do not accept refunds, only exchanges, but showing them my receipt, it clearly did not say that anywhere…and it took two clerks to look for it and find that phrase missing. Hmmmm. After arguing with the girl and asking for her bosses phone number she said she would get fired for giving me a refund. Are you kidding me!!! What a shady operation! To think I was only in that mall to buy a specialty tool from Sears but was then swindled into spending over $200 is my own darn fault, but to think a customer does not have any recourse, I don’t think so. Thank God I didn’t pay cash for that stuff. My next course of action is to dispute the charges with American Express and then write a letter to the management at the mall.

  5. Jerry December 18 2012 @ 8:50 am

    I was fooled at our local mall in South Africa this morning. Normally I smile and walk away. not today. Left with two bags of goodies and R6000.00 out of pocket. Have not tried any of the product, but after reading this I am scared to do so. Every thing was the same as the above described. The sale person even claimed to be the son of the owner. Never again any shopping at a kiosk or agents, only shops!

  6. Will December 19 2012 @ 7:24 pm

    I used this product over 5 yrs ago(the nail buffer) and when it finished I tried to find them but was not able to. I actually think that their product is far better than the comments I have seen here but their sales style is crude. The pricing which is not unified gives them out as unprofessional. There is also a cultural difference in their pricing and return policy which is very un-american. But like most skin products they are good for some people and not so good for others.

  7. Jennifer December 28 2012 @ 2:15 am

    This happened to me, too. I was in a hurry to get out of the mall, because my boyfriend was waiting for me, when a guy stepped up to me and started talking. Fast. I don’t trust fast talkers. He handed me a sample lotion, and then continued. I listened but told him I was in a hurry. He had me show him my nails, which have ridges in them, and he starts using a buffer of some sort and possibly some liquid I didn’t see him apply, and he kept saying, “You want to be amazed?” and then he showed me my nail after he finished buffing. I was amazed! My nail was smooth and shiny! He added a drop of oil to seal it. So, I admit it. I was amazed. I still didn’t have the money to buy, and he hadn’t even told me what it was yet. I finally got firm and said no, and left, but several days later, the nail is still smooth, even if not so shiny. So I looked up their products online, and this site is what I found. I’m so glad I didn’t buy the product. I’m told Sally Hensen ridge filler and nail-strengthening products will do my nails really nice, so I’m giving that a try.

  8. Jeanine March 3 2013 @ 6:28 pm

    my husband i just bought the facial peel and the serum and they threw in the daily wash and an after shave lotion i think for my husband. i have been using it for a few day and my face is softer and clear no burning or breakout….. i love it for now though i find them kind of pricey but i have tried many things they either burn my cheeks or break me out more…

  9. Susan May 1 2013 @ 2:12 pm

    Well I seem to be the exception to the rule here. I absolutely love this product. I love the way it smells and it isn’t greasy or heavy (the body lotion). The eye stuff I also love as well as the peeling serium and the face serium. I have sensitive skin as well as my daughter and this is one product that I can honestly say has not adversely affected our skin. Let’s face it ladies… most the cosmetics on the market have more chemicals in them and charge a hell of alot more than what I paid at the Kiosk in the mall. Maybe there is or isn’t any Dead Sea minerals in this stuff, but I know there are alot less harmful chemicals and more good oils and extracts than you see in any other products. THe list is shorter and I can pronounce all the names. As for those who get pressured…. Just say “NO… I CAN”T AFFORD IT”, end of story.

  10. NikNakNoNo May 28 2013 @ 5:59 am

    I have been had! Spend the equivalent of $900 down here in South Africa after being conned at one of their kiosks. Feel quite stupid and a bit sick – that’s a lot of money for vanity. I even knew I was being had while it was happening, and just couldn’t help falling for the ‘discount’ and ‘freebie’ tricks.

  11. Mimi June 16 2013 @ 7:10 pm

    Deja vu is the biggest scam and someone should put them out of business. Products are inferior and cheap on amazon. I was such a sucker and spent lots of money and found out it was useless. Someone should stop them. The kiosk sales people are con artists and sould not be allowed at malls.

  12. C July 12 2013 @ 5:07 am

    Had same experience in Tygervalley Shopping Mall. Charming young Israeli guy. I didn’t buy his selling tactics. Tried to sell me a nail care collection for R800. You can buy the same kit for R200 online. Ive also done research on their products. It’s a scam. Definately going to take this matter further.

  13. CC July 31 2013 @ 10:36 pm

    Got me for $150.00
    At Virginia beach mall
    It’s a scam

  14. Cole August 1 2013 @ 10:16 pm

    Sorry to hear that!

  15. Sonia August 27 2013 @ 11:16 pm

    They try to sell me that and it looked to expensive for what it is , when the lady realized I was not going to buy it she treated me very bad, I was surprise that a sales person would be so rude and show no class at all. Also she mentioned all the time ” it is made in ISRAEL, not in China ” and I did not like the comparison between countries which has nothing to do with the quality of the product, then she asked me if I speak spanish, and I do , so she tried to speak some spanish with me to get the sales, and she put some cream on my face without asking any permission, she started registering the sales in the system and packaging the product, but I said no again and heard her rude words, then I just walked away. It was a bad experience

  16. Cole September 2 2013 @ 4:00 am

    I can’t believe that she touched you!

  17. charlene logan September 5 2013 @ 3:01 pm

    Horrible..Overpriced…Pushy…That got me for $70 and tried to return right away..You can forget that

  18. Hallie September 8 2013 @ 9:28 pm

    So today at the lynnhaven mall in Virginia beach me and my grandmother got stopped by a man with a heavy accent. My grandma got pulled in sense she was from florida and was just visiting. While I’m sitting there just nodding and thinking to myself what a scam! UNTIL they used the nail buffer only with my permission i LOVED what it did. They ended up giving us a sale of buy 3 get 2 free. The two ladies there too were super sweet to me since im only 13 and live here and see them all the time. They kept complimenting me in my skin saying how pretty it was! WITH NO PRODUCT OF THERES ON IT. Then they put the eye stuff on my grandma. It really opened up her eyes since she has a lit if wrinkles. Also the salt scrub worked wonders. But we only got the nail kit we got 5 for the price if 3. But was still about 175$ which is INSANE! I told my grandma that it was insane but she didnt seem to care! So i love the buffer, cuticle oil, and body lotion!

  19. Desrae September 12 2013 @ 9:48 am

    Oh my word, these people are like vultures and scaly smooth talkers!!! I was going to take the “special” for R4000.00. The heavy accented guy told me that he would process my transaction over 12 months. I never look at my banking notification on my mobile but that evening I did. I was horrified to see that the full R4000.00 was taken from my account! I totally freaked out and insisted he undo / refund the transaction. Well at this stage he didn’t understand English and the machine couldn’t do reversal but I caused such a scene that he did do the refund. It’s 2 days later and the money still isn’t back in my account. I am going to the bank tomorrow to do the dispute! I am also going to the mall to really sock it to him and his partner in crime. At KC Mall in RSA

  20. Angie September 22 2013 @ 6:22 am

    Was at the miracle mile shops in Las Vegas, NV (not visiting I live here) & the guy got me to sit down, he tried to sell me the facial scrub for over $200 & that he had to personally traveled to Isreal to get the products,when I said I couldn’t afford it, he said he would give me the “managers discount”, then later he said I get it anyways because I’m local, which was still over $175 then I said I still couldn’t afford it he got it down to $120 I told him I just spent hundreds on my dogs vet bills & didn’t have the money then he said the products were so good he wanted me to have them so he got it down to $39 when I started to stand up & walk away. It does make my skin feel softer but as you rub it on it balls up like its taking dead skin off but its funny it did the same thing when I dropped some on the bathroom sink, wow I didn’t know my bathroom sink had dead skin cells.

  21. Angie September 22 2013 @ 6:30 am

    They didn’t try and sell me the nail stuff but any buffer at the any drug store & some cuticle softening oil will get you the same results for under $10, ;).

  22. Mary October 15 2013 @ 11:26 pm

    I bought the nail buffing kit and am actually quite pleased, at least at this moment. I rather enjoyed the jokes and strong-arm sales pitch from a charming Israeli woman named Maya because I sensed sincerity person underneath the blatant sales tactics. Anyway, I’ve never seen my nails look this amazing even after a professional manicure and called it a working girl’s splurge: $40–down from “yesterday’s price” of $80! (uh-huh, right), with another kit thrown in “free.” I will heed the tips above, though,that the same effect can be obtained with drugstore buffer and cuticle oil for a tiny fraction of the price. Live and learn. I nearly always walk past these people with a firm hand up to wave them off and “No thanks,” but today we stopped, knowing full well what we were in for. But I don’t regret doing it. To those who said their nails were worn down and made fragile by their enthusiastic attempts to get demo results, the box does say that you should only use the buffer surfaces once a month.

  23. Olivia October 16 2013 @ 5:14 pm

    This freakin’ kiosk almost ended my relationship with my boyfriend. I’ll get to that later though.

    I was first suckered into these products when me and my mom were trapped by one of them during closing hours at the mall (Robinson, PA). It was first the “Can I ask you a question?” He was a handsome guy with a dashing smile and accent. I’m a sucker for accents. A couple of “blah blah blahs” from him and a couple of “no no nos” from us and we ended up buying $200+ worth of products. He was joking or whatever you want to call it that I was his “beautiful wife” and gave us discounts for it. Now the products worked well for us especially the cleansing gel.

    About a year goes by and I’m in a serious relationship. Again, during closing time my boyfriend and I were trapped by one of their salesmen. Again the “can I ask you a question?” He tried to offer us things and I was trying to outsmart him so I wouldn’t have to pay $200 and I’m already bad enough at saying no. I told him I bought a bunch of their stuff already. He kept adding more things as I said no to try to convince me. Needless to say, I just bought the facial cleanser for $80 and he threw in the facial peel for “free”. I paid cash and as he was trying to tell me more about the products, my boyfriend checked online on his phone and saw that the $80 facial cleanser was $17 on Amazon. The salesman already had my cash in hand so I didn’t know how to take the money back. The salesman told my boyfriend that Amazon sells fake Deja Vu products and only their website sells the REAL stuff. I was bullied into buying it and had a HUGE fight with my boyfriend on the way out of the mall parking lot. We made up, but I am so upset that this company or whatever it is can run legally.
    I need to make a shirt that says in big letters “NO YOU CANNOT ASK ME A QUESTION AND NO I DON’T WANT YOUR PRODUCTS” and wear it to that mall everytime I go.

  24. Betty November 22 2013 @ 3:34 am

    Cheap nasty stuff – don’t buy it – I got conned in Nashville while on holiday – I knew I was being suckered by the drop in price from $79 to $40! Facial peel – I tried it at home, leaves little bits of what looks like snot attached to your facial down – 3 months supply apparently but in a bottle with a tiny bag inside. I wanted leave a review on their web site but don’t want to sign up to their machine. Cheap tacky packaging too.

  25. Carol T. December 3 2013 @ 1:44 pm

    I got the nail kit, and an extra bottle of lotion (of another scent) for $29 at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. I, too, note that the buffer is only to be used once a month, and I think the set is wonderful! My co-workers are all amazed at how nice my nails look. Sorry so many of you are unhappy and feel conned….I am perfectly happy with my purchase.

  26. Tori January 5 2014 @ 1:37 am

    I got pressured to buy their nail buffering kit last Christmas. I was walking with my family when this really handsome looking guy with a very thick accent took my hand without permission and started buffering my nail. I was amazed and asked how much it was. He said I had to buy the nail kit to have it and for $50. I immediately said no, but then he kept persisting. He cut it in half to $25, but I refused again. After a few blah blah blahs I told him I would only buy it if he changed the lotion inside. He agreed, put the lotion I said I liked in quickly, and gave it to be for $20. I immediately went home and took it out and the lotion was half empty!!! I was beyond pissed! After that, I stayed away from them at all times while in the mall. (By the way, I was 14 at the time)
    Just today, (a year later) we went to the same mall and my mom was waiting for me outside of a store. When I went to find her, a sales lady already had her wrist and started rubbing this skin peeling stuff on it. She basically explained how everything in this product was natural and said the product was $175! My mom said she didn’t have the money, and then the lady pointed to all of our shopping bags that my mom and I were holding. She got us, but my mom still insisted she was broke. My mom wanted the facial peeling stuff, and so the sales lady kept lowering the price as my mom kept refusing. She kept saying, “Can you keep a secret?” And she gave us a “discount” because she said my mom was so nice and friendly, blah blah blah. So, my mom seemed to get suckered in to paying about $200 on seaweed soap, 2 facial peeling things, vita gel, daily moisturizer and some else that I think was a relum? Or something that sounded like that. We were literally standing there for about an hour. Anyway, I was suspicious the whole time the lady was giving us her speech and giving us bargains. She told us this one anti-wrinkling product was $600, I laughed! I did, and the lady looked at me and said I didn’t need it, but my mom did. I then was totally shocked that I believed that all this stuff she was selling was supposedly $600! I was right! I looked it up online to see how much the real prices were on Amazon, and my mom could of gotten everything she got for about $100!
    I knew something was up the whole time, but after that saleslady put that facial peeling stuff on my nose, all my intelligence and logic just disappeared. I feel so stupid for falling for it AGAIN, and letting my mom being sucked in as well! I even check the bottles that have the facial peeling stuff, and it seems like it’s not full at all. It seemed like it was 1/2 full. What a rip off.
    These people seem to get you with how incredibly pushy, outgoing, and somewhat funny, (Yet their jokes are cheesy as all get out) but they will suck you dry for everything you got. I read also somewhere that the some of their products have some harmful chemicals that even other skin product companies don’t even use!
    I’m just entirely disgusted on how these people are even allowed to do this and then give you the product that don’t even work or aren’t even good for you and have only less than half the product in it! Then they have the nerve to say no returns!? SHAME ON THEM!

  27. John January 6 2014 @ 9:10 pm

    I wonder if many of the complaints here are buyer’s remorse. I got a kick of how cheesy the salesperson was and I normally drop $100 or more on a facial cream, so am always willing to give something new a try. But if that is unrealistic for you then just say “no” and walk away. That being said I actually really dig the eye gel, the day and night cream. I still will use some other products but definitely plan on buying the eye gel again. I noticed a definite difference for fine lines and dark circles and I’ve tried just about everything.

  28. Cole January 6 2014 @ 9:14 pm

    Not everyone is able to handle the pressure of a salesman that easy, however.

  29. John January 6 2014 @ 9:31 pm

    I guess that’s true but I’ve felt more pressure at the Chanel counter than I did at Deju Vu. :P

  30. Cole January 7 2014 @ 3:51 pm

    @John It all depends on who you get. I’ve had some really persistent kiosk folks hound me.

  31. Andrew K January 8 2014 @ 1:43 pm

    Hi guys. I live on LI and it looks like they just opened one of these kiosks at Roosevelt Field Mall right near Dicks Sporting Goods. And I just got the facial peeling cream and a bar of the salt soap for $63 which to me seemed like a bit of a rip off. Like many of you I was vulnerable because of my acne and a perfect target for one of the sales women. After giving me the whole run around I caved in because she was pretty cute and had a really cute accent and to be honest I like to try everything I can. I haven’t tried both of the products yet. As a note to all of you and from experience with bad skin, there is no single cure or miracle cream that clears up acne or oily skin just like that on the first try. Everyone has different results which is why cosmetics is such a lucrative business in the first place. So I guess judt keep an open mind. But the stories are true. These salespeople are very aggressive and will pull all the stops. If you are gonna cave at least get them to lower the price like I did. On a side note, I remember when me and my family were on vacation in San Francisco and we had a run in with a similar type of setup at the Market St mall with a male isreali salesman. To be honest, I paid a lot less than what that guy offered us.

  32. Jill January 20 2014 @ 6:44 pm

    I was approached by a gal in a shop at Circus Circus in Vegas earlier this month. She polished my nail and I was shocked at the amazing results! She did tell me about the special buy one get one free for the nail kit at $39, but I told her that I wanted to see how long the shine would last on my nail. She had told me it would last 4 weeks. After washing my hands several times that day and the next, the shine was still there to my surprise. I went back the next day to buy the kit, but they were all sold out. Her boyfriend was there and he polished another nail for me. It was just as shiny as the first one I had done. He told me that he could give me just the buffers, two for $20. I was actually glad about that because I only had wanted to buy the buffer and not the entire kit. So, I did buy the 2 buffers for $20. I did find out later that I can buy them for slightly less online, but I’m ok with what I paid for them. My only concern is that I really have to try hard to get the shine that both salespersons were able to achieve on my nails in the store. While I do get a good shine, it’s only after a lot more effort and it doesn’t last as long. It makes me wonder if something else was put on my nail without me noticing that really made the shine pop and last because I just can’t seem to make all my nails pop like they did. Also, the shine is not lasting 4 weeks, one at the most. Oh, well. I don’t think I’m going to buy the buffer again, even online for cheaper. I just can’t get the same results as in the store. Oh, I was also shown the peeling lotion for $59. After reading some of the comments above, I’m glad I didn’t buy it. One final comment about the lotion. After it was applied to the inside of one of my writs, it did leave some “dead cells” behind, and when the hand lotion was applied to the newly cleaned area it was instantly absorbed right into the skin, whereas when the hand lotion was applied to my other wrist, it kind of floated on top of my skin and took a lot more effort to get it to be absorbed into my wrist.

  33. Gwynn February 17 2014 @ 12:41 am

    I bought the nail kit at the Circus Circus just recently. I am usually a hard sell and these people are very aggressive in their sales techniques. Of course he started off with a high price for the nail kit and eventually came down to $20. I bought it then. The shine is still on my nail he buffed but I have seen comments that they must put something on the buffer. I agree. They do. If you felt your nail and cuticle after they buffed it you would have felt a very fine liquid feeling. I do like the cuticle oil. I haven’t used the buffer yet, (just haven’t had time), and I got the fragrance of lotion I liked. I would not have spent any more than that but I have to admit, he did work hard at selling me this stuff. I would have been unhappy if I had spent anymore but it would have been my fault and I would have had a lot of buyers remorse. He did start to try to sell me facial products but I have Rosacea. Of course he told me how good the products were for that. Do NOT believe them if they tell you that. There is no skin peel, etc that is good for Rosacea. I really like the smell of the lotion but instead of wasting my time I will probably just look on Amazon.

  34. Suzie March 28 2014 @ 4:52 am

    I want to know where I can get hold of them because they are liers and manipulators. I want my monies back and I think they do not have a heart when you say no. There products is so expensive and not worth while. I have a number and the rep said I can contact him if I feel that I want a refund and now you cant get hold of him. I have two free facials that you cant even book. All I want is them to take there products back and give me my money

  35. Cole March 28 2014 @ 5:54 am

    This is the information from their website: Dejavu Cosmetics INC.

    1115 Mearns Rd.

    Warminster, PA 18974

    Tel: (215) 443-8802 Fax: (215) 443-8806

  36. Tracie April 5 2014 @ 8:39 am

    I have used these products before & I have very sensitive skin and the lady was not pushy or aggressive. I am very picky when it comes to anyone touching much less let them apply things to my face.(my hubs was shocked) She used the eye serum & I like it. She didn’t push products on me at all. I actually got 2 products + the eye serum for what I would pay if I had ordered it online & she give me several freebies. I guess I was lucky because what horror stories about some of these people. I can’t say that about her because she was extremely nice & as knowledgeable about facial products as I am. Like most I never stop at those booths but having used the products in the past was helpful. Always know your products & I use some that are way more expensive than these.

  37. azra May 20 2014 @ 12:17 pm

    I got ripped off by a saleswoman from Israel, can’t believe I got cought and paid double for the product.

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