Find Your Unique Style with African Jewelry

Date Fri, January 29 2016

It is a known fact that many people love to shop. They enjoy the thrill of finding new items that’ll accentuate their beauty and make them stand out from the crowd. Whether it is intentional or not, all women cultivate and own a sense of personal style. Whether it is comfy chic or mature elegance, women usually have go-to items in their closet that can easily define their sense of style. There are some women who thoroughly enjoy fashion, keep an eye on the runways and love replicating the looks in their own way. There are also some women who keep an eye on the trends, but like to switch things up just a little bit. Whether a woman watches all the runway shows or prefers to keep a low, simple but chic profile, a great way to infuse a little fashion is through wearing African tribal jewelry. This type of jewelry is very versatile and there is literally something for every woman, no matter her personal aesthetic.

Nepalese Cuff with Large Lapis Lazuli Stones

Nepalese Cuff with Large Lapis Lazuli Stones

For the women who prefer to keep their looks simple, there are a number of pieces to consider. A business woman usually wears suits in darker colors like navy blue, black and brown. The medium African chevron trade beads strand is an exciting pop of cobalt blue to go with a navy blue suit. It adds a bit of flair. The African Kekeore Organic Seed Multi-Strand Necklace is another great option for a lady looking to keep things closer to natural tones as this necklace is a beautiful earthy brown color.

When a woman is attending an elegant ball or formal party, a beautiful gown needs appropriately gorgeous jewelry to match. For the ladies who prefer a simple black sleeveless dress, a nice feature to highlight is the collarbone. Drape an eye-catching necklace like the Natural Amber and Coral Necklace with African Brass Beads on top to bring attention to the decolletage area.

The summertime is often filled with fun vacations, barbeques with friends and lots of fun outdoors. Because warm weather naturally calls for less clothing, many women opt for beautiful sundresses. There are tons of pieces to pair with a colorful sundress.
The African Vulcan Beads Necklace is a stunning fire-engine red piece with black and white accents all around the red beads on the necklace. It is definitely a beautiful statement piece to stand on its own and shine.

While it may be out of the comfort zone for some women, try wearing a few African pieces of jewelry. Not only are they stylish, they are fair-trade and benefit the companies and communities that come together and work so hard to make them.

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