Get More, Save More with Cricut Access

Date Fri, February 12 2016

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Happy Friday!

Rejoice Cricut owners because there’s another way for you to save money and get exclusive benefits: Cricut Access. This new subscription service will really pay off over time Just $7.99 monthly gets you 10% off all orders. You’ll also be first in line when it comes to new images and resources for your projects! There are already thousands of projects and resources to get you started, so this benefit is just the icon on the cake.

Click below to see what Cricut Access has to offer you!

Cricut Access
*The 10% off discount is only applicable on (USA and CAN only) and in Cricut Design Space™. The 10% off cannot be used to purchase or renew Cricut Access™, to purchase Cricut Circle™, or on iOS in-app purchases. This change does not require any action from current subscribers. Terms and Conditions apply.

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