Get Out Your Red Pen

Date Tue, December 4 2012

One thing that would make my life easier is having insurance. I’ve been lucky thus far, and I have a little bit stored away for a rainy or injured day, but it’s definitely something I think about more than people who have cushy insurance. Then again, I know that many people who do have insurance don’t have great plans. High deductibles and co-pays mean they’re not much better off than if they had no insurance at all, and that’s pretty crazy. The socialized plan that Obama pushed for has been criticized but it’s mostly by people who have a choice in the matter, and most of us really don’t.

If I did have insurance or a choice in the matter, I’d be sure to shop around. I’d talk to salesmen and people I know. I’d look up reviews online, so you better make sure to review your medical coverage to help me out at some point in the hypothetical future. I’d be likely to do that, too. It’s not just because I’m a review blogger, either. I think this is the kind of information that people need to know, especially when money is tight. unfortunately, I think it’s the type of information that most companies would rather you not know because it would hurt their bottom line.

But let’s cheer it back up a bit. If you have health insurance and were grading it like a teacher, what letter grade would you give it?

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