A Good Sex Life Is the Key to a Happy Relationship

Date Thu, May 29 2014

Thanks to Jimmy Jane for the guest post, which I agree with fully!

For many people today, life can get in the way of being intimate with the one you love. However, a satisfying sexual relationship is extremely important to ensure future happiness and growth.

As it stands, about 15% of couples report only having sex once every six months to a year. This lack of intimacy can lead to many problems down the line, which can then have disastrous effects on the state of one’s relationship. If your sex life seems mired in a perpetual rut, the following advice can prove quite helpful for increasing both the quality and quantity of your sexual output.

Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination

Many couples mistakenly rush to the climax when intimately engaged, which can actually result in a less satisfying experience. It’s important to be present in the moment, which can help build a feeling of intimacy with your partner. Be sure to maintain lasting eye contact, as well as focusing on breathing and the sensory experience of being with your lover. This will help you establish a deeper connection, which will in turn render the moment of climax that much more satisfying.

Revisit the Past

Sexual sparks usually fly when couples get together for the first time. However, sex between two people can become quite monotonous over the duration of a relationship. That’s why it’s important to look back on what brought you together in the first place. Try to remember what attracted you to your partner in those first few months of dating. Even just talking about these instances can be enough to reignite the passion between you.

Try Something New

It’s important that you and your partner experiment from time to time, which can open up a whole new world when it comes to sex. “Intimacy pleasure products can definitely add some spice to the relationship”, says industry leader Jimmy Jane. However, communication is crucial in this respect because it allows both partners the ability to express their intimate desires. It’s also important that you are receptive to your partner’s wants and needs. This openness to experiment can create a far healthier sexual dynamic within a relationship, which can be extremely beneficial.

Hold Back on Negative Judgments About Yourself

Constantly making disparaging comments about your appearance is a surefire way to make certain you won’t get the full enjoyment out of intimate experiences. It’s important that you love your body for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that more confident people tend to have richer sex lives. If you find yourself constantly judging your looks and your body, to the point where it’s putting a damper on sex, try using positive affirmations to improve your outlook. Telling yourself that you are beautiful and valuable on a daily basis can work wonders for improving your self-esteem.

When it comes to romantic relationships, sex can be a wonderful physical expression of a couple’s love for each other. While life has a tendency to get in the way of being intimate with the one you love, it’s important to make time for each other to ensure that both your needs are met. By being mindful of you and your partner’s desires, you can enjoy a fulfilling sex life that serves to bring you closer together over time.

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