Home Sweet Home

Date Tue, April 9 2013

Sunday nights are now the nights that I write all my reviews for the week. If I’ve got upcoming giveaways, I do those posts. During the week, the only thing I write on Reviews By Cole are group giveaways and sometimes sponsored content — things that are easy and that I can do quickly and easily because I worked Monday through Saturday.

However, Sundays used to be much different for me. They previously were the days when I — and sometimes my ex — would sit down in front of the TV and tune in to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Yes, I loved watching the homes being built in record time and I would tear up seeing people who were really in need getting something they deserved, but I also had respect for the construction companies, employees and neighbors who would join together to get stuff done. One day, you’d see the “before” — a house that was barely livable. The next day?There’d be awesome things like brand-new¬†Port St Lucie new home communities, complete with pools and libraries and great rooms.

Call me a little sentimental, but the societal and engineering feats I saw accomplished have stuck with me, which is why I would watch that show day after day. Even though it’s over now, I know that organizations and companies are still doing similar things. Construction companies are dedicated to providing the best for customers, and those are homes I’d surely like to tour.

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  1. Brie Snyder May 3 2013 @ 10:25 am

    I absolutely used to be obsessed with home makeover, home renovation, flipfloppoing houses shows on hgtv and other channels. I miss it now that I don’t have cable!

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