How to Be an #UnderWarrior

Date Tue, September 15 2015

When you love your underwear, you’ve got to fight for them! You want to keep them in the best shape possible, without tears or stretching, which can happen to our delicates. You fight to keep them clean and stain-free for as long as possible. After all, the styles and colors you like won’t be available forever, which leads to the following list of ways I recommend you be an UnderWarrior, complete with tips from my own personal experience.

  1. Be an UnderWarrior with U by Kotex

    Be an UnderWarrior with U by Kotex

    Under liners, pads and tampons to protect your undies when you have your period. U by Kotex offers some of all three. You’ve seen my reviews in the past. Ultra thin liners are also great to protect your undies during the rest of the month!

  2. Carefully wash your undies when the time comes! I wash my most delicate panties – with lace, straps or mesh – in a lingerie bag while on the gentle cycle. The mesh bag also prevents these items from getting sucked into the pipes and hoses. You can also toss them in a pillowcase, or you can hand wash them if you have just a few and the time to do so. Be careful not to overload your machines because this can cause small things like underwear or socks to get caught in the casing.
  3. Stand guard over your laundry while it runs through the cycles in public laundry facilities. Otherwise, someone might steal them! As an apartment dweller, I’ve had some weird issues with laundry rooms. This past week tops it all, however. When I went to put my laundry away, I realized my entire lingerie bag with all its contents — 4 pairs of undies (including two from this post)– was missing. I double checked the machines and my bedroom, just in case it might have been my error. As my friends have come to learn, it wasn’t. The only explanation is thievery, and I’m a pretty mad person about it! You better believe I’ll be revamping my UnderWarrior status from here on out.

Most people, fortunately, don’t have to worry about some such things. But women often to worry about their undies, especially the frilly and pricey ones that make us feel fantastic. That doesn’t mean you don’t worry at all. But U by Kotex has us ladies covered! Products such as CleanWear® Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core plus Xpress DRI keep undies in their best shape, whether you’re lounging at home or on a late summer vacation, and keep you feeling clean, too!

You can get free samples of these products, too! Just head to the #UnderWarrior and Save the Undies site. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information to get free samples of U by Kotex!

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  1. Maggie C September 30 2015 @ 11:30 am

    Creepy that someone stole your undies! Hope your panties are safe from now on!

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