How to Preserve Your Wedding Photos and Memories

Date Fri, September 25 2015

They say that your wedding day goes by so fast that you have a hard time remembering the important moments you experienced with your new spouse. Having photos that you take yourself, your loved ones take and a professional photographer takes gives you a way to look back fondly on your big day and see the moments you missed. Once you come home from your honeymoon and see all those photographs in front of you, you may have a hard time figuring out what to do next. Preserving those wedding photos and your memories is easier than you might think.

Mounted Displays

One way you can preserve some of your memories is with a mounted display that you make the center of your living room or another room in your new house. Shadow boxes come in different sizes and have enough space inside for displaying a photograph or two and some other items relating to your wedding day. You might include a printed napkin, some flowers from your bouquet or one of the party favors you sent home with guests. Make sure you use archival paper behind the photographs to preserve those images.

Online Wedding Site

Many wedding photographers now offer digital images for couples. While you can still order prints of some of your favorite images, you might have the option of buying a disc that contains all the images the photographer took or your favorite images from the day. You can then upload those images onto a wedding website that lets your guests and loved ones who could not attend see your big day. Some websites even let you create a password, which lets you limit who sees your images to only those who receive the password you give out.

Archival Albums

Do you like the idea of having your wedding photographs on hand? When you want to see those images anytime you like without hopping on the computer first, invest in a few archival albums. Companies that offer wedding album printing let you upload the images you want printed and placed in your book. Those companies use archival paper that protects the images for future generations and offer different types and sizes of albums.

Preserving the memories of your wedding day is easy when you use archival albums, mounted displays and wedding websites that showcase all your favorite pictures of your big day.

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