It’s Curtains For You

Date Sat, July 30 2011

In the hot, sunny days, I’ve been taking naps on the couch next to the air conditioner. Not only is it cooler but it’s darker because I still only have blinds in my bedroom. I’ve yet to get around to buying a new set of curtains or window valances or something to block out some of the light and the heat. This way, maybe my room wouldn’t be the hottest in the apartment (in the summer) and the coldest (in the winter).

Part of the reason I haven’t gotten around to it is that I like things to match. I guess I could take one of my small pillows to the store with me. Plus I’m cheap and we were also warned not to use anything bigger than picture nails on the walls so I’m worried I shouldn’t be using anchors and you pretty much need to, in order to hold up a super long curtain rod.

Function aside, it would also help to complete the look of my room. It’s felt a little “undone” since we moved in and since I like my bedroom to feel like a sanctuary and homey, this has bothered me a little bit. Maybe I just need to hire an interior decorator.

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