Date Sat, January 28 2012

Author: Isiah Williams

When we moved into our new house we got our cable television with www.Cabletvadvisor.com. That is where I found my new favorite pastime watching The Travel Channel. I can just sit in my living room and feel like I am travelling all over the world. The other day I was watching that channel and saw a program on Jamaica which is where we went on our honeymoon. It showed so many places that we had seen in person. I felt like I was reliving my honeymoon except for the part where my husband was at work and not home. When we were there we had taken a couple of bus tours to different places on the island. We had gone to tour Bob Marley’s home and that was a feature on the program that I was watching. I learned even more about Bob while watching the show. It also showed this waterfall that we had climbed while we were there. I will never forget how afraid I was climbing that steep waterfall. But, we had a guide that showed us the best way to climb and before I knew what was happening, we were at the top. Watching that program about Jamaica made me want to go back there again.

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