How to Make a Custom Comfy Shirt in Your Own Home

Date Tue, December 9 2014

Despite the many cool and creative graphic tee shirts available on the market today, nothing can ever match the fun and excitement that come from creating something on your own. Making a graphic tee in your own home allows you to select the perfect comfy shirt while designing something that cannot be purchased in stores. Using home screen printing you can create a custom tee shirt that fits your style and comfort perfectly.

Design Your Graphic

The first thing you will want to do is design your custom graphic, saying, or design. Using the proper computer program and settings, your graphic can easily be printed onto the correct film paper. Make sure to tailor your design to the right size and dimensions of your finalized shirt.

Gather Materials

Once the design has been created, begin gathering the materials you will need for the printing process. Because some portions of the printing procedure require light and time sensitivity, it is best to have all supplies prepared before you begin printing and applying your design.

Carefully Follow Each Printing and Application Step

As you endeavor to create your first homemade graphic tee shirt, it is important to follow all steps carefully and in the correct order. Doing so will ensure a better final product and help you to get a good idea of your skill level before moving on to more difficult projects. The infographic below is a good basic guide to follow as you set out to make your first homemade graphic tee shirt.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

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