Mmm Pie

Date Thu, January 31 2013

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Few things are really and truly as awesome as a good piece of piece. Hot pie, cold ice cream. Warm pie, cold Cool Whip. Cold pie from the fridge because you’re too lazy to make real food. I think you guys get my drift. Now, I rarely makes pies. Baking is my mom’s forte. I cook because I need to eat to live, but I’m not friends with dough and such. I’m more likely to head to the local bakery or the frozen section at the grocery store.

In the past, I’ve purchased a variety of brands depending upon price, availablity and the flavor I wanted. Now that I know about Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish pies, I really want to try them out. What isn’t to love about “deep dish pies”? You tell me.

The lineup includes four different flavors that are “fancier” than regular pies:

  1. Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce
  2. Signature Deep Dish Cherry Pie with Butter Fudge Sauce
  3. Signature Deep Dish Peach Pie with Cream Cheese Icing
  4. Signature Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Icing

They all sound pretty fantastic to me, but I’d probably like apple or pumpkin variants better. Those are two of my favorite types tp begin with. I don’t lknow if I’ve ever had a peach pie, either. Although, I’m a big fan of everything cherry. I’d love to see them add a blueberry, too. Yum!

The cool thing about this is that it lets even people like me bake an awesome pie that isn’t boring.. without all the work. A little caramel or fudge? Coming right up! Of course, I’m honest enough to tell people when something isn’t homemade, and most of the people I know wouldn’t care anyway. But it could just be our little secret.

If you’re interested, go ahead and check out Mrs. Smith’s on Facebook and Pinterest.

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