How Has Modern Technology Revolutionized Dentistry?

Date Thu, December 29 2016

With the modern advances in dentistry, it is possible to have gleaming pearly whites well into old age. Cavities can be repaired, missing teeth can be replaced, and dentures look more realistic than ever. There is little that cannot be done with all of the tools available to the many trusted dentists across the world.

Mechanical Tools for Oral Health
When a patient steps into a dental office, he or she will see x-ray machines, tooth polishing tools, drills for repairing cavities, and much more. Hundreds of years ago, these handy tools were not what they are today. Instead, the most common solution to a bad tooth was to remove it completely! If this was still the case, very few people would still have most of their teeth; especially with all of the sugary foods that are consumed in today’s world.

Understanding Genetics, Biology, and Aging
Over the last century, dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds when it comes to understanding genetics, biology, and aging. It is understood that aging is directly related to tooth decay in the average person. However, biology and genetics can greatly alter the speed at which teeth decay. Susceptibility to infection, pregnancy, hereditary oral conditions, and childhood tooth formation can all have a great impact on oral health. Pregnancy is a great example, as an unborn child takes an incredible toll on the mother’s body. Any nutrients that the unborn child lacks will be taken from the mother’s personal supply, and these deficiencies can quickly deteriorate her teeth.

Collaborative Studies and Publications
With the rise of the internet and instantaneous communication, dentists, students, researchers, and scholars from around the world can share their knowledge on oral health and dental procedures. As new advances are discovered, the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and other online publications allow the news to spread quickly between peers. These dental experts continue to form new relationships with one another, allowing them to exchange their knowledge and continue to improve the care patients receive.

Advanced Oral Care at Home
Finally, people have the resources to take great care of their oral health at home. With the many different toothpaste, toothbrush, oral rinse, and floss options on the market today, there is something available for kids, sensitive teeth, dentures, and everything in between. Long gone are the days of homemade oral hygiene concoctions, which did little more than remove minor food build up.

Modern technology continues to touch the lives of everyone in a positive way. Healthy teeth are important for a long and healthy life. Without dental experts who are dedicated to oral hygiene and health, dentistry would not be what it is today.


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