New TuneCore Opportunities and Partnerships

Date Sat, May 31 2014

I’ve written about TuneCore before. It’s a great platform to get your name out there as a musician. TuneCore is serious about changing the way that the music industry works, and the company has two big announcements this May.

First, TuneCore is partnering with Bandzoogle to give musicians the opportunity to build a professional website that’s loaded with all the features and tools they need to engage fans and build a music career. This is important because so many people like myself discover new music through individual band websites. And a bad website is really worse than no website at all in my opinion. I’ve recently had a similar opportunity to work with GoDaddy to build a professional website. Even though I am comfortable with coding and creating websites, not everyone is. So Bandzoogle is an awesome tool to have!

Also, TuneCore is now a major distribution partner with KKBox, giving musicians the opportunity to get their music heard in the Asian market. This music market is ready to explode, and KKBox is taking the lead with over 200 million subscribers already! This is my first time hearing about KKBox because it’s focused in Asia. However, I know how big markets other than North America/the USA can be so this partnership can be good for musicians who want to go international!

KKBox joins are a TuneCore partner, but many already exist including Amazon, iTunes, Google and Spotify. TuneCore makes it easy for musicians to get their music out to as many people as possible, which makes it worth checking out in my book.

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