Power of Collaboration: 3D Printing Inspires Famous Artists, Designers, and Architects

Date Wed, April 22 2015

Technology is only as powerful as the creative people who wield it. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a film camera, a racecar, a guitar, or a computer program — there are masterpieces and geniuses behind every one of these fields, and those individuals drive the changes that push our society in exciting directions. 3D printers are the latest technology on the block, and visionaries in various disciplines have been playing around with the new medium. To celebrate their achievements so far, here are some creators who have been making waves.

1. Freshfiber:

Designers like Amsterdam’s Maria Cichy are helping to make a name for Freshfiber, which offers a line of 3D-printed jewelry, clothes, and accessories. One of their more compelling lines is the Volcanic Rock Collection, which simulates natural lava rock using nylon filament material. There’s a printed laptop bag with volcanic rock accents, a lava rock belt, and even a volcanic phone case, so you can deck out your entire wardrobe with lava-themed gear. When it comes to the printed laptop bag, they still haven’t released a design that’s entirely made of volcanic material, so you’ll have to settle for some black leather.

2. Rem Koolhaas:

For those who haven’t heard of Rem, he is a highly influential architect and designer who has also written a series of important essays on architectural theory. His unconventional approach to design has led to such iconic structures as the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, the De Rotterdam complex in the Netherlands, and the Casa de Música in Portugal. Inspired by conceptual and new forms, Koolhaas decided to team up with the United Nude fashion house to make some bizarrely beautiful heels. Printable with Cubify’s desktop 3D printers, the two designs use negative space and sharp angles to create shoes with an eccentric designer’s touch.

3. Janne Kyttanen:

For another designer with an atypical background, look no further than Janne Kyttanen. Born in Finland, Kyttanen moved to the Netherlands to study industrial design, where he began to formulate his vision for computer-generated products. After experimenting with design software, laser technology, and 3D printers, he settled on a method for his unconventional items. Today, Kyttanen works with Cubify and Freshfiber to make iconic jewelry like the Superkitsch ring, a collection of mesh clothing that resembles 3D-printed chain mail, and other striking designs.

4. Olaf Diegel:

New Zealand-born designer Olaf Diegel teaches Product Development at Lund University in Sweden, but he moonlights as a 3D printing genius. Thus far, he has created a series of intricate guitars, such as the Steampunk Guitar, which looks like a rusted-out machine and plays like a classic Les Paul. Inside the guitar’s body, gears and pistons move back and forth in real time, which would be prohibitively expensive to produce if it weren’t for 3D printers.

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