A few quick fix hairstyles for college girls

Date Fri, January 17 2014

Thanks for the guest post, Victoria.

Looking good while attending classes and writing papers is no piece of cake. How many times have you pulled an all-nighter and then rushed for an early morning class without having the time to even do your hair properly? Not to despair, however, there are quite a few quick and easy hairstyles that can make you look good. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend hours at the mirror trying to sort your hair out.

Read on for some quick tips for overworked and stressed grad students.

Quick fix 1: The bun

This style is a blessing for all the girls with long hair and not enough time to maintain it. a messy bun takes about a couple of minutes. Just grab all your hair, pile it on top and wrap it with an elastic band.

If you want, get a couple of pins and shape your bun in the way that you want. For more of the messy look, pull out a few strands of hair here and there and you are ready to go! No complex styling or scissor sharpening required here..

Quick fix 2: Chopsticks

Want that quirky look without doing much? Grab a couple of pencils and you can pull of the chopsticks hairstyle. It looks complicated but isn’t. Just go to Youtube and look at the tutorials. Also, you can actually use chopsticks if you got some to spare. The best part is that the hairstyle looks very elaborate.

Quick fix 3: French braids

This one works for those who know French braiding and are good at it. Even if you don’t, no biggie. You can master it pretty easily. You have to part your hair to the side and then start braiding it. Use an elastic band to hold it in and leave the remaining hair messy.
Quick fix 4: Messy updo

This is very similar to the messy bun hairstyle. Before piling your hair on top, just use an anti frizz spray to scrunch up your hair. Try using a mousse for the same thing. Then pull up your hair into a French twist and push in a few hair pins or clips. If you have some ornate pins then the effect is even better, almost princess. Let a few stray locks of hair fall on your face as well.
Quick fix 5: Using a headband

Again a simple, no-nonsense hairstyle which doesn’t you to get all scissor sharpening. Brush your hair till it becomes smooth and then get a wide headband which will remove any messy hair in the front. You could buy some leather headbands as they are all the rage these days.

Quick fix 6: Using accessories

Feeling too lazy and sleep deprived to style your hair? Then there are always the hair accessories to be used. Other than headbands as mentioned earlier, go in for bobby pins, ornate clips, scarves and so on. If you shop around you are bound to stumble upon some quirky ones. Use them for some fun experiments.

Quick fix 7: A low ponytail

This hairstyle is really convenient for those with long and straight hair. Pull all your hair back and make it into a low hanging ponytail. Leave a single strand out. Tie a clear elastic band around the ponytail. Now, take that extra strand and wrap it around the elastic band and use a bobby pin to keep it in place.

With these hairstyles early morning classes should no longer be a nightmare to prepare for!

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Victoria H is a senior Fashion Buyer for some of the UK’s largest brands, and works for Cool Blades who offer affordable hairdressing & beauty salon supplies including scissor sharpening equipment.

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