So It’s October

Date Mon, October 3 2011

And it’s already going so fast. October, for me, typically means Halloween but a lot of people take the time to spread the word about breast cancer. Some people do it right and others just do it to make a buck. That’s why stores are pinkwashed for the 31 days of October–and then some. I think that awareness has made strides in leaps and bounds and the real work to be done is in research and research requires money.

Hanes Virtual Comfort PackagesThat’s exactly why I think the Hanes Virtual Comfort Package is both cute and functional. When you visit the Hanes Facebook page and click on the “Pink” tab, you can send your loved ones a virtual gift. Hanes describes this project as one that can bring comfort, like their t-shirts do. It’s a little cliche but I can appreciate it. Rather than the little image gifts of Facebook games, you can choose from items to include. Hanes has provided some recipes, you can upload a video or image, pick from several t-shirt designs, add your own note and more. Each package, which is an animated pink box, is super unique then.

So it’s a little fun but how does it benefit research? Each package sent donates $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (up to 25,000). So, if you have a few minutes, why not stop over on Facebook yourself?

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