Vibrating.. What?

Date Sun, July 12 2009

I wonder if I am the only one more than slightly amused with all these vibrating, phallic shaped products. First it was razors and, yea, I think it’s BS. Now it’s mascara (and apparently it’s not even a new idea) and, yea, I think it’s BS. I mean the Venus was being used for.. “adult activities” long before it vibrated. I refuse to believe that whatever supposed benefits adding vibration to these products (which have worked well for many a year) might have, actually warrants their creation. To these people I say, you can’t fool me! I know you’re just making poorly masked items which will be mainly used as “discreet” sex toys. Cut it out.

In the event you think I’m just exaggerating, please see this review from Amazon for the Venus Vibrance:

if you wanna make your private life more fun, this is a great gift for your lovers.

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