What Exactly Does a Choreographer Do?

Date Mon, January 23 2017

Dancers thrill many people all over the world every year in movies and in live stage shows. However, all of this great dancing does not happen by accident. A great deal of time and practice is required to make every dance performance perfect. Needless to say, every dancer needs to rehearse a lot in order to memorize every step. The art of getting people to dance perfectly to a routine is called choreography. The man or woman responsible for putting the entire dance routine together from start to finish is known as the choreographer. This is a person who has devoted his or her entire life to the dancing profession. You have probably heard of choreographers before. However, you might not be totally sure what their job consists of. Here is some additional info that will help make the job of a choreographer more clear to you.

1. The choreographer creates all of the dance moves that will be used in a performance.

The first step in the creation of a dance routine if the creation of the dance steps. This often involves creating dance steps that will be performed by sometimes dozens of dancers who are all on the stage at the same time. As you might imagine, this can often take a long time. In many cases, there will be many different sections of choreography. In other words, dancers will be constantly coming and going from the stage. This makes it even more difficult to invent new dance routines that look fresh and do not repeat anything done before. You can follow choreographer Craig Revel Horwood on Twitter to learn about how he creates his dance routines.

2. Choosing the right music for each element of the choreography is also important.

The dancers will obviously need something to dance to. This means that music will need to be selected for each specific section of the dance routine. The choreographer will choose songs that create the appropriate emotional response from the crowd. The music selection is very important for the overall success of a dance routine. Choreographers will often go through dozens of songs until they find the right one.

3. The choreographer will then need to instruct the dancers.

The long rehearsal process will begin. This can be grueling because every part of the routine will need to be practiced until it is perfect.

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