What’s the Deal with Micellar Water, Anyway?

Date Mon, November 7 2016

On a recent trip to CVS, I picked up some micellar water. I needed some makeup remover, and a few of the vloggers I watch recommended it. Micellar water is water that contains tiny molecules of “cleansing oil” within water. It can be used to remove makeup, clean brushes and more.

I had plenty of coupons to use, so it wasn’t much of an added expense.


Micellar water to remove eye makeup? Ehhh..

I wound up purchasing the CVS brand micellar water because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. It has the exact same ingredients list as Garnier’s micellar water. Later, I would realize that many people swear by the Garnier version.

I’m not sure if it performs better, however. The CVS micellar water removed makeup, but I went through many cotton pads. It was time-consuming, certainly much more so than using a makeup wipe. It also won’t do anything to waterproof eye makeup.

The bottle is also not ideal. It’s easy to squirt too much product, and it likes to drip down the side afterward. I’m always making a mess.

Afterward, my skin felt like it was covered in a film. It wasn’t exactly greasy, but it was in the vicinity of greasy. I don’t particularly like it, and I certainly wouldn’t use this micellar water in the morning without planning to wash my skin all day. At night.. it’s okay. Just okay.

I decided to see if micellar water would be better for cleaning my makeup brushes. I’d been using baby shampoo, but my foundation brush especially seemed to hold on to product no matter how often I washed it.

To be fair, I was much more thorough with the micellar water than I typically am with the baby shampoo, but it still took several applications of fresh water before it finally rinsed clean. The same residue that was on my face after using the water remained on my brush. I hope this wouldn’t be an issue.

Some people have said that they prefer micellar water for cleaning brushes because it dries quickly, but my brush didn’t dry any more quickly.

Upon my next use, my clean-looking brush was quite streaky. Application was terrible. I could feel the oil on my brush and, by transfer, my foundation. No bueno.

Some people seem to swear by micellar water. I’m not sure if other brands have greater efficacy or they simply don’t mind the oily residue, but I’m not sad that my bottle is so quickly being used up (only because you need so much for every use!).

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