Worry or Warranty

Date Fri, December 27 2013

I was recently reading a website where a long-time renter gave advice to renters like myself: purchase insurance. He commented that just a few dollars per month would go a long way you ever had to deal with a break-in, fire or a natural disaster. It was interesting to read the commentary that followed. Some people said that insurance policies as low as $20 per month weren’t going to do you a lick of good because you would get barely 1% back toward the value materials, making insurance a cost that might not be worth it for renters.

As for my personal needs, I pass on renter’s insurance, but I would definitely insure my home if I owned it. For one, I’d be paying for appliances that are now mine rather than using a rental oven that never works quite right. Secondly,  I would be faced with replacing not just my possessions but my entire home if something ever pokie casino online happened to it. (I had a crazy dream last night that makes this a strangely relevant topic, by the way).

I imagine that home ownership would be followed with shopping for insurance and warranties such as Choice Home Warranty just like I’d shop for appliances, fixtures and paint colors for the walls.  I’d also be even better at keeping my appliances in working order. It’s better to maintain and HVAC system than to have to fully replace one; although, replacement is bound to be necessary when you live in a place for more than a couple decades. If it sounds like I know more about owning a home than you would figure I do, it’s because I write a lot of SEO articles about it. LOL

So, do you have renter’s insurance if you’re an apartment dweller like myself? What sort of insurance and warranties do you have if you’re a homeowner? Let me know in the comments!

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