Writing About Routers

Date Thu, June 19 2008

One of the most important things about having a blog is the act of blogging. One of the most important things about a review blog is having things to review. Actually, as I look at my desk, I see quite a few electronics that I could submit a review about, things that just hadn’t occurred to me. Often, if I find a product that works but is neither exceptionally good or bad, I sort of forget about it. One of the things I could review is several of the routers I have owned over the past few years. Like the KVM “black boxes,” these have helped me connect additional computers to the internet. My own computer has always been the main one so I cannot complain but with Ryan’s laptop being used more frequently, it makes me wish I still had a wireless router. Alas, I gave it to my roommate when we moved out.

So look forward to a couple of those reviews in the future.

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