$150 Cash Giveaway

Date Sun, January 11 2015

$150 CASH Giveaway Event 1/11-2/1

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We are giving away $150 CASH. One winner will be selected to win $150 to to PayPal (or Gift Card). This can be used for a massage, a night on the town, to redo your bedroom decor, to upgrade your PC or to add to your saving’s account! If you’re the winner, it’s your choice!

What would you do with $150 CASH?

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About this Giveaway

One winner will be selected to win $150 with a choice of PayPal or Gift Card What would you do with $150?

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This site or any other site associated with this event has in no way been compensated for the preceding information. This giveaway is valid where allowed by law, open to anyone who is able to use PayPal and who is over 18 years of age. One winner will be randomly selected on 2/03/15, notified via email, and will have until 2/05/15 to reply. If there is no reply another winner will be randomly selected. Please use your real email address if you are serious about winning this. Winners are posted on the MyPoshMedia site and, not on the entry widget itself, unless the winner wishes it to not be posted. Thanks so much!

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