Dark Shadows Blu-Ray Combo Pack [Giveaway]

Date Fri, September 28 2012

The other day, I had a fantastic conversation with my sister who likes to describe things and people as goth. For the record? My cousin, goth. A cat on the shirt I was wearing? Also goth. Goliath–my black cat? Not goth. Apparently he doesn’t glow purple enough or something. And she doesn’t know what goth is, but she knows what it looks like. From the mouths of babes, right? I’ve spent a fair bit of time being and looking goth, so I was looking to see how she defined it. We didn’t quite come to an agreement.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure she’d say that Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in the Dark Shows movie is goth. At least, he dresses goth. You know, like that girl who used to look like her in first grade but now doesn’t because she dresses goth. Do elementary school kids do this? Barnabas isn’t goth so much as he is a vampire–an unwilling and out-of-place one at that. Depp loved the dramatic soap opera series from his childhood, and he played the main character who has returned from the undead to his family’s crumbling station and financial place in society. Collins soon runs into an old foe, and the movie unfolds from there.

Perhaps you’ve seen this in theaters and want to own it for yourself. Maybe you’ve never seen it, but you want to. You might be a fan of the old series. Whatever the reason, it’s your turn to win this! Clicking around the widget will open the Collins mansion to you.

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Giveaway Ends October 10. I will email the winner directly. Only open to residents of the USA.

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