Derma E Vitamin E Giveaway

Date Mon, June 19 2017

As a reviewer, I occasionally receive packages that I don’t recall signing up for. I sometimes get things that I don’t really need. I usually don’t check my mail to find a box containing items that I shouldn’t have received, have no idea why I got, and don’t know what to do with. My confusion is your gain, dear reader!

I recently received a package from Derma E debuting some of their new products, specifically those containing Vitamin C. Now, I am more worried at this point in life about my skin’s redness, blemishes, and oiliness than hydration or youthfulness, so I don’t really have a use for these products. Thus, I’ve decided to give them away on Reviews by Cole.

Derma E Giveaway

The two products I have to give away are Derma E’s¬†Vitamin C Concentrated Serum and¬†Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer. One is a daily moisturizer, and the other is an intensive serum if your skin needs a little more help. The serum has a light, citrus smell, feels soft and calming on the skin.

They’re both full-size products in 2-ounce containers, and they come with a Derma E bag, too! The retail value of these two products is $47, so it’s a good deal for you to be able to try them for free if you win this giveaway!

Per usual, I’ll be using Gleam for this giveaway. It’s easy-to-use for both of us. You get one free entry, a few options to enter via social media and some daily entries – so make sure to check back every day!

Since I am mailing these items myself, I’m opening this giveaway to U.S. entrants only. Sorry!

I will be verifying entries. Any invalid entry will invalidate all of your entries. I am forced to do this because of the rampant cheating in my last giveaway. If you can’t play by the rules, you don’t get to play at all.

For everyone else, good luck!
Derma E Giveaway

Giveaway ends July 15th.

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  1. Patty wright June 22 2017 @ 1:38 pm

    My skin is dry and I have brown spots and wrinkles

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