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Date Tue, June 3 2014

Now, I am fortunate enough not to have any little ones who require diaper changes. I have plenty of friends who are parents, of course, and I was nearly 17 when my sister was born, so I’ve seen it. And I know that diapers come with some ridiculously high prices. But what are you going to do? (Ok, I do know some people who have switched to cloth diapers, but that’s not for everyone!).

So I’m glad to help you meet your budget and maybe have a little extra spending room by offering a giveaway for a 3-pack of Luvs coupons. This giveaway is brought to you by Bet On Your Baby, a TV show that you may have heard of. It’s returning for its second season. Actually, it came out on my birthday! You can catch it on Saturday nights.

This game show puts babies through the ringer — just kidding, of course — through fun and age-appropriate games. If the kids on the show excel, Mom and Dad win the bet — $50,000 worth of college money! Melissa Peterman, formerly of Reba and the Singing Bee, hosts this. She’s such a fun personality to host game shows like Bet On Your Baby.

It’s nothing at all like the Hunger Games when toddlers enter the Baby Dome.

Bet On your Baby looks like a lot of fun, even for the “losers.”

You may have seen the ads for it in the past week or so. I know I saw a few when I tuned into NBC.

Any parent knows how hard it can be to keep up with Junior’s needs now, but planning for the future is even more difficult, especially when you’re worn out from a full day of playing, diaper changing, feeding and answering an endless torrent of questions. Bet On Your Baby may be one way you plan for the future, while Luvs ensures you’re covered for the near future.

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Good luck!
Luvs Jumbo Pack Coupon

Open to residents of the ConUS. Ends June 12th.

Reviews by Cole is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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