Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack Giveaway

Date Fri, March 14 2014

BedBugsPDFv2If there’s one thing that I am grateful for, it might be that I’ve never had to deal with bed bugs. Even though that’s the case, this doesn’t mean that my bed doesn’t harbor some ickies. The time we spend in our bed is perfect for skin skills to collect in mattresses and pillows. In fact, this is why the weight of your mattress can double over time!

Mattress and pillow covers/protectors can go a long way to preventing anything from getting into your bed and linens, even prolonging the life. If you’re more concerned about your life and the health of your family, you might consider how protectors can be beneficial. This is especially true if you have respiratory problems like asthma. Breathing in all that dust might be aggravating those conditions and contributing to your poor sleep.

 One of the companies providing thee products is Orkin, which you might know of from commercials. You call the Orkin man when you have bugs and pests to get rid of, and their products will now help you prevent infestations to begin with. Orkin warns about bed bugs like this:

Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s critical to detect and treat an infestation early. Take the “Don’t Let the Beg Bugs Bite” QUIZ and download the “5 Must-Know Facts” PDF for a few tips on how to spot a budding beg bug problem.

It’s certainly easier to use a cover than it is to vacuum your pillows and vacuums once a week. Yes, that’s how long you’ll have to do it!  Normally, you’d have to pay upwards of $30 to buy a pair of these pillowcases, but my readers will have a chance to win them. Your pillowcases can be waterproof and free of bugs, mites and mold. Who doesn’t like the sound of a good night’s sleep?

These pillow covers can help prevent an infestation, but if you’re dealing with bugs right now, call Orkin at 877-412-6806 for a free estimate.

The app below will help you learn signs of infestation. Click through and then use the widget to enter.

Orkin Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack Giveaway

Giveaway ends April 12.

Open to US residents. Prize will be delivered by UPS or Fedex. No P.O. boxes.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Debbie Jackson March 16 2014 @ 7:07 am

    I am a bedbug brainiac
    rssr in feedly as mrsrodjac at hotmail.com

  2. Amber Eames March 17 2014 @ 8:59 am

    I’m a Bedbug Brainiac because unfortunately, I’ve dealt with these evil little things before.

  3. christina moore March 17 2014 @ 9:08 am

    I would love to win these

  4. Teresa March 17 2014 @ 11:59 am

    I’m a Bed Bug Buff.

  5. FRANK March 17 2014 @ 11:01 pm

    I am a bedbug brainiac

  6. Angela March 18 2014 @ 6:19 am

    I would love to win! My friend had bed bugs years ago and ever since she told me about it I am freaked out! My husband plays in a band and they sleep wherever they can when they are on the road….random peoples floor or couch, funky motels…I am terrified he will bring something home! haha

  7. Angela March 18 2014 @ 6:21 am

    Took the quiz and I am a Bed Bug Brainiac!

  8. Cole March 18 2014 @ 7:11 am

    I’m so glad that I don’t have horror stories liek that!

  9. Kelly Lenhart March 18 2014 @ 7:13 am

    I am so afraid of getting bed bugs that I want people to leave their clothes outside!

  10. Chris Adams March 18 2014 @ 8:29 am

    Bed Bug Brainiac !!

  11. Shana Hendrickson March 18 2014 @ 10:55 am

    bed bug beginner

  12. Samantha Cuhel March 18 2014 @ 6:34 pm

    I’m a Bed Bug Brainiac

  13. Robin Abrams March 20 2014 @ 8:37 am

    I am a bed bug buff

  14. latanya March 25 2014 @ 9:34 pm

    bed bug brainiac

  15. Julie Link March 31 2014 @ 8:32 pm

    bed bug buff!

  16. Ashley Fryer April 12 2014 @ 10:19 pm

    I got I’m a Bed Bug Buff.

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